Facebook Jobs Posting – Post a Job on Facebook
Are you tired of lack of confidential info of your applicant for your job or you don’t actually have the resource & tools to open up a job for hire? Facebook which happens to be the most powerful social networking site is the first starting point to find the right applicants for the opening job. Currently under the Facebook business launched a new platform which allows businesses, company, an organization to post job and application from the platform which is commonly referred to Facebook jobs posting.

Facebook Jobs Posting - How do I post a job on Facebook | Facebook Jobs

On the contrary, Facebook jobs posting allows different areas of business or employers to search for potential employees that meet their standard by posting jobs application or creating an applicant forum directly on the Facebook job page. Moreover, posting jobs on Facebook provides effective management and successful way to get a large number of people. Due to the fact that Facebook has over 2.2 billion active users and their lots of employed graduate & Undergraduate with qualified certification or skills that are still searching for jobs.

Facebook Jobs Posting – Advantage of Posting Jobs Directly on Facebook

Basically, the Facebook jobs posting actually provide you a job search tools which enable you to find the right talent for the open role and also reach out to qualified people where they mostly based or spend much of their time on Facebook. Here are some of the benefits:

  • When you post a job on Facebook is appear on and link to your business page on Facebook whereby potential employees have the opportunity to know more of your business.
  • It widespread in every corner of Facebook including the new jobs bookmark on Facebook and also on the Marketplace.
  • Posted jobs on Facebook can be accessed on various devices to people to apply through the desktop or the mobile phone and keep track, review application, also contact the applicant to schedule an interview.

In addition, Facebook jobs posting is actually more of like other posting and you can boost your job post by using your business or company page on Facebook just to reach out to a larger number of qualified people.

Tips to Effective jobs Posting on Facebook & Steps to Post jobs

First and foremost, you need to know that keep factor to effective post which can help you attract applicants. First, you need to state your job thoroughly, provide the accurate detail about the job which includes location and job title, provide detail about some aspect like salary, benefits working hour and language required. With that, you can now post jobs on Facebook and here you have the steps:

  • Go to your business or company’s page on Facebook to create jobs posts for a role in your business.
  • Locate the icon Write a post at the top of your Page’s timeline, click Job.
  • Then upload a photo, enter a job title, thoroughly describe the position and add other details to your post. For example, the location of your company, job salary and also add Additional Questions if you want to ask applicants more questions.
  • Add a contact to receive job application and if you want to receive that through email and not your page message inbox:
  • Scroll down to the bottom to enter your email address below Receive application by email.
  • Next, you can select the particular device you want to receive messages by accessing the column on the right and select either Desktop news feed or mobile news feed.

Before publishing the job post you need to go through the post to ensure all errors are corrected and after that, you can click Publish Job Post. In other, to view, all job application submitted you can click Manage Jobs in the top of your page or check the email address you provided to receive jobs applications.