Facebook Job Boards – Create Job Postings with Facebook Business Pages

Many people use the internet to uncover jobs opportunities through hundreds of employment websites. There are two major effective tools usually uses by job seekers to find jobs opportunity that includes, the job board and the job search engine. But when it comes to the aspect of looking for a job online, the job board is the first priority that should come first and one of the most effective and reliable job boards is the Facebook job boards.

Facebook Job Boards - Create Job Postings with Facebook Business Pages

On the contrary, Facebook job boards is actually a new jobs bookmark on Facebook where people can see posted jobs. Facebook allows business and organization to post jobs requirement for a position to be filled through the Facebook page which is then forward to the job board so that people can see your job post. Moreover, the Facebook job boards facilitate job seeking and a wide area from a large scale of generalist site to niche jobs board of different job categories which includes, Accounting & Finance, Admin & Office and more, Job types, and location.

Facebook Job Boards – How to Post Jobs Opportunities on the Job Board 

Note that, the Facebook job search engine is different from the Facebook job board. On the Facebook job boards, there are listed number of jobs to apply on the bookmark while. While the Facebook job search engine simply refers to as a job board with a search engine style interface. Probably you want post jobs on the job board here are the needed procedures:

  • Above Write a post… at the top of your Page’s timeline, click Job.
  • Upload a photo, enter a job title, thoroughly describe the position and add other details to your post:
  • For example, the location of your company, job salary. Then you can also add additional questions if you want to ask applicants more questions.
  • If you’d like to receive job applications by email instead of your Page messages inbox.
  • Then scroll down to the bottom and enter your email address below Receive applications by email.
  • In the column on the right, click Desktop News Feed or Mobile News Feed to see what your job post looks like on desktop computers or mobile devices.
  • Click Publish Job Post.

Note that you need a have a Facebook business page and one the content is completed, then posted. It can be view on the Facebook job boards so that people can see.

Facebook Job Boards – How to Apply for Job Opportunity on Job Boards.

However, there are thousands of jobs opportunity in job boards on Facebook. For easier search, you can use various filters which include, the categories, job type, and location. Therefore, you can visit the job bookmark on Facebook i.e. www.facebook.com/jobs on your web address bar. Then you will see a list of jobs to apply and if you see the right job for you. Click Apply Now and fill out the application requirement.