The smartest way to have a successful advertisement on any social media advertising platform is a tool to monitor and keep account of all your improved or unimproved ads. Facebook ad is a powerful means of advertising your business across the continent. So, in other, for advertisers to get the chance to known their audience like never before introducing the Facebook insights tool which is a monitoring dashboard where you can keep track of the performance of your advertisement on Facebook and also across various platforms.

Facebook Insights Tool - Facebook Insights Audience Tool

On the contrary, the Facebook insights tool commonly referred to as Audience Insights is a Facebook IQ tool. Which gives you the ability to inspire campaigns that are actually satisfying to your potential audiences and also drive real results. In general, the insight tool provides great watch out of aggregated information about the performance of your ads. This comprises of how well people are engaging with your ad, what type of people visit your ad the most. Also want location or times is your ads best effective.

Learn more about your Audiences with Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook insights tool is a very powerful tool you need to take into consideration if you are an advertiser or advertising your business on Facebook. The tool serves as a connection between your adverts and your audiences on Facebook. The understanding factor about the Facebook insights tool is that it helps you create an advertising content that resonates. Also ensures that it meets people that are particularly interested in your services.

However, there some of the tools on the dashboard which allows you to get the right insight on the performance of your ads and your audiences across various advertising placement. The included the Demographic (this included age, gender, lifestyle, educational level, and more. Page like (this allows you to understand separate people based on people’s interest and hobbles that engage in your ads) and more. So, therefore, you can access the Facebook insights tools to learn more about people that reach to interact with your ads.

Where can I see the Insight Tools on Facebook

Furthermore, there are two pages you can find the Facebook insights tool. This includes your Facebook business page, and also the Ads Manager. However, the application of insight tools is the same on both platforms. You can decide to check it on the ad manager or your page where you run your adverts.

To see the Page insight:

  • Go your Facebook Page.
  • At the top of your page, click Insights.
  • On the left side of the page, you can access more features to get more information.

Hence, to access the Audience Insight, simply click login to your Ads Manager account. Then click on the three-dash line at the top left side of the page and select Audience Insights. Starting from that point you can learn more about your ad performance.