Facebook Insights – Facebook Insights Tool

Do you run advertise your business or brands on Facebook? How well do you know the performance of you advertise? After advertising your business or brand on Facebook, it’s important to know the performance of your business. Based on what type of people see you advertise, a number of impressions you get from your advert and other data. Ths Facebook Insights allows you to learn more about people that connect well to your business. However, this is a logic behind the Facebook audience insight which says “the most customers insights you have, the best chances of establishing a meaning full business presence online.

Facebook Insights - Facebook Insights Tool

On the contrary, Facebook insight gives you a deep in-depth of every single information on how your advertisement reaches the right or the wrong audience. This helps you a lot when advertising on Facebook, based on what time people engage with posts. This will help you to know the right time to post and well as gender inequalities.

What are the Most Important Facebook Audience Insights?

Advertising would be a lot earlier when your advertisement meets the right people or the right audiences. The audience insights is actually a news integrated tool that helps you learn more about your main audiences as a marketer. With the help of tools like:

  • Demographics: based on the demographic overview, you can see more data about people based on age, gender education, relationship status and others that relate to your adverts.
  • Page likes: see people that are impressed on your page.
  • Location and language: see the location where your ads get the best attention and what language they speak.
  • Facebook usage: an overview of people especially your target audience on how they have been activities with their Facebook account.

In addition, you can also check insight like whether people are connecting with your page or events, on Facebook, and other platforms. Keep in mind that, the audience insight differs from the page insights.

How do I Access Insights of your Ads?

The Audience insight gives you data about your current or potential customers which includes special information. While the page insights give you such as likes, comments, and share. However, in other to get started with audience insight, you can use the like www.facebook.com/ads/audience-insights/. The link will redirect you to the audience insight page, you can view your audience performance.

In case you want to access the Page insight, you can simply access your Facebook page. Then click the Insights icon at the top of your page and in case you wouldn’t find it. Click More and then sections in other to view more information.