Facebook Help Community – Facebook Help Center Live Chat | How to contact Facebook Help Desk

Facebook Help Community | Facebook Help Center Live Chat | Facebook Help Team Live Chat: Seemly questions have been asked by many users on how to report issues through the access of Facebook help center live chat or contact Facebook via an email address. Most especially on the internet, you can find false information deliberating or giving you the Facebook helpline number to contact to customers services which aren’t true. Let me tell you something, the social media platform doesn’t have a Facebook help center live chat or Facebook help phone number, or even an email address to contact the platform.

First of all, Facebook help center contact doesn’t come with a Facebook help center phone number or Facebook support contact email to contact the Facebook customer service. Instead, provides you with a Facebook support page or Facebook help center where you can connect with an active Facebook help team concerning your issue with Facebook.

In the meantime, if you are having issues or problem with any section of your account you can get solutions from the Facebook help team through another means. Therefore, instead of using the Facebook help center live chat, you can make use of the Help community center. This gives you the privilege to ask questions and get help from people on Facebook and also from the Facebook Help team.

Facebook Help Center Live Chat

As earlier mention, the Facebook Help community gives you insights concerning your Facebook account on current questions that might bother your account on different topics. With the help, the community enters you can ask a question about things that trouble your account. Therefore use the following steps:

  • First, visit the link www.facebook.com/help/community/ on the web.
  • Then at the top right corner click Ask a Question.
  • Choose a topic and then choose sub-topic which will help other users in the help community locate and answer your question.
  • Then types what your question is and click Next.

In addition, you can elaborate more if you can’t see your answer by clicking “My Question is New” below. Then you can add more about your question on Facebook help center live chat. Finally, then click Post and go back to the community help which acts like a Facebook help center live chat. Besides, you can also check out some other questions and answers. This is posted by community members to use the solution in resolving your Facebook problem.

Facebook Help Center Live Chat – Additional ways to get help via Facebook Help Center

Briefly, another way you can use the help center aside from the Facebook help center live chat which doesn’t exist. Is by going through the homepage of the help center which deliberate question and answers that bothers your Facebook account. Thereby, giving you categories and also subcategories to select from.

This includes using Facebook, Managing Your Account, Privacy & Safety{your privacy, staying safe, and Policies & Reporting. You can use the link above to access the page and then click Back to Help Center.