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How to Access Facebook Help And Support Center
Who really need help? I mean on facebook! Well, everybody at one point is actually going to need some. Most especially when using the internet technology for whatsoever reason, because of its dynamics and continuous upgrades which is, of course, is to user’s advantage. But one can’t maximise the use of such service without really knowing when a feature or service is been added or upgraded for easier and more efficient performance. Okay, Am trying hard not to use technical terms and jargons.

Facebook Help : How to Access Facebook Help | Facebook Help Community

Well, about Facebook help, this is one of the features of the web platform to assist it, users. It’s actually designed to give its users latest and accurate information about Facebook FAQs (i.e Frequently asked questions). I know everybody is on Facebook, right? Sure, if you know how to access the internet then you do have a Facebook account. Anyway, Facebook help isn’t just for users only, you can access the help section without even logging into a Facebook account. The help section is also a very useful tool for beginners as well.

Who can Access Facebook Help

Facebook help is like a digital customer care service. Exactly! If you have any question, it’s the right page to visit. Most of the questions in the help section are already answered in advance by Facebook experts. In other words, whatever help you need has already been anticipated by Facebook help admin and taken care of. As users have previously asked such question in the past.

Also, you don’t really need to be a computer wizard or genius to use the Facebook Help, it’s been structured in such a way that questions and answer are divided into topics for easy navigation. Each topic has sub-topics. The only skill required here is the use of your mouse just click on any topic, and the subtopic will open, that’s all. Then you can go on to click on any question and the answer will appear below it.

Facebook Help Community

It sounds so magical, I know. Yet, there are some unique issues that may not be categorized considering the difference in location, circumstance and people. This makes it totally impossible for Facebook to answer every question. That way they have put in place Facebook help community where Facebook users can provide a solution to other users.

Facebook help has a forum where questions are asked by its users and answers are provided by other Facebook users that may have experience and dealt with such situation. Some answers are voted for the best answers still by the users. This is also known as Facebook help community. This is put in place so as other users can also contribute on help tips to other users.

Through the Facebook help community, you can get answers to your own question by surfing through other users questions and the answers they got.

But I know some persons can never be satisfied, so if you can’t find a similar complaint you have to get an account and participate in the Facebook help community.

How to Access Facebook Help

I have noticed most users want to access Facebook help centre but don’t even know how to access the help centre. Well, the help icon is really not too visible as it is located just at the footer which is the extreme bottom of the page. Follow the below steps to access Facebook help section.

  1. Run your web browser and enter www.facebook.com in the URL section.
  2. You can either login to your account or click on the help icon just at the bottom of the page.
  3. Enter a keyword of the question or help you need. You will see some displayed result.

There are answers to some already asked questions on that page. As you enter your keyword, you will see some displayed questions that have already been answered. Note that if you have logged in to your account the help icon is at the right lower window. Click more icon and you get a drop-down menu with the help icon. You can also access Facebook help community from the help page.