Do you know that you can see your product or brand of Facebook side the use of the Facebook page or the advertising platform offered by Facebook? Moreover, this is not new to many of us that are regular on Facebook. Nowadays people use the Facebook group to buy and sell products or items as one of the main functions of the Facebook group. However, the Facebook group goes beyond just buying and selling, many use the feature to create an interactive section with colleagues, fans, and other purposes.

Facebook Group - Facebook Community

A Facebook group actually act as a community center where people come to share their opinion on the same interest or topic. For instance, people create a group for a particular cause, issue or activity whereby people can engage in discussion by posting photos, videos or commenting on posts from the page. However, people from different locations can join groups up 6 000 other group which is the maximum group you can join on Facebook to share different things and also buy & sell.

How do I Create a Facebook Group?

Before creating a Facebook group, there are different sections of creating a group on Facebook. We have the Closed groups (this is a private group which allows you to select people you want to join your page. Also, an invitee to the group are only allowed to share and see content on the page). Secret groups (this is even more than the private group it’s invisible to other people except those that are already accepted on the group). Lastly, public groups (this allows people to free join the group you create and also do whatever they want).

  • Go to
  • Click Create at the top of the page.
  • Select Group.
  • Enter the name of your group
  • Add some people to your group using their names or email addresses.
  • Under the Select privacy, you can choose the option you want your group to appear.
  • Or under Hide group, you can make your group invisible to people.
  • Lastly, click Create.

Afterward, when your group is completely set up, what you need to do next is to ensure the group attracts audiences especially if you’re selling or promoting a product. By personalize the group with a cover photo and adding descriptions.

How do I Join the Community of Groups as Myself?

Most times it’s difficult to manage groups sometimes which is more reason why people decide to join groups than just create one they can’t manage. However, you can decide to join more than 3000 groups but should exceed more than 6000.

To join groups:

  • Access your News Feed.
  • Click Groups under the explore section.
  • Type the name of the group you want to join
  • Identify the one you’re interested in click +join.

Keep in mind, most groups on Facebook will automatically allow you to access the group. But will ask you to answer some question corrected and that you can wait for the approval from the group admin to request your entry.