Facebook Gaming Streamer – Facebook Gaming Live Streams

How can I become a game streamer on FB.gg or how much does Facebook gaming streamers earn? One important thing is that there are two sections of the Facebook gaming platform. One the Facebook Instant Games & Facebook Gameroom where you can play games with friends, but can’t make money. The second is Facebook Game Gaming (Fb.gg) where you can live stream games and earn money. However, in other to earn money in playing games on Facebook, first, you need to become a Facebook gaming streamer.

Furthermore, the method in which gaming streamers generate income is based on donations by viewers with the concept of the Facebook Star. The introduction of the game streaming on Facebook was to create an atmosphere. Where lovers of games can share their gaming experiences or showcase their gaming talent in real-time. To a community of people that share the same cause. When you create a gaming video creator page, you can stream live video games. Also, allow viewers to interact during the cause of your live streaming, where they can like to share and live chat.

How Can I Make Income/Money from Facebook Gaming?

On the contrary, the concept of making money or starting earning income on Facebook is very simple. First of all, the Facebook gaming video creator page actually creates a gaming dashboard where you can go live and also manage your streams. However, Managed Partners make use of the live dashboard in the Creator Studio. While for Streamers in Level Up make use of the streamer dashboard. Whether the streamer dashboard or live dashboard both makes use of the Creator Studio. In other to monetize your streaming page and other activates.

In other words, the way to make money from Facebook Gaming is through the monetization of your gaming channel known as the Facebook Stars. However, Facebook Stars is a feature that enables you to monetize your streaming channel. When you monetize your stream, the method of you earning income is when viewers buy Stars and send to back to you during your live streaming.

How to Become a Game Streamer on Facebook

If you want to become a game streamer on Facebook is very simple, and also joining the Facebook gaming creator’s community is free. On the contrary, there are three set up need to become a Facebook gaming streamer

Step 1: Create a Gaming Page:

  • Go to the Gaming Video Creator Page and create your gaming page.
  • Create a suitable name for your Page and click Continue.

Step 2: Set Up a Streaming Software:

  • Download and install the any of the streaming software such as Streamlabs, OBS, or XSPLIT.
  • Next, you can follow the instruction to set up the software to start streaming.

In summary, the last step is Go Live, after setting up your gaming page and the streaming software, you can then, start your live game streaming. With your page, viewers will be able to connect with you.