Facebook Gaming Page – Create a Gaming Video Creator Page

How can a set up my Gaming page on Facebook? Creating a Facebook gaming page is one of the requirements for live stream video games. The concept of creating a gaming page is similar to creating a personal or business page. Moreover, the main reason for creating a gaming video creator page is to help you connect with your fans online. Also, build a community where people can subscribe to your gaming channel. In this article, you can learn how to create a Facebook gaming page to connect with your respective audiences.

Facebook Gaming Page - Create a Gaming Video Creator Page

On the contrary, not long ago did Facebook introduce the Facebook Gaming, a live game stream as a competition to the like of Twitch. Since, the introduction of the online live game streaming platform, it’s has actually been a successful one. Thereby, having other millions of current players. However, the requirements in other for you to join the Facebook Game Streaming. This include the creation of a gaming video creator page.

How to Create a Facebook Gaming Video Creator Page

The main importance of creating a gaming video creator page allows you to host live streaming games. Also for audiences to follow you in other to contribute to your cause. Therefore, in other to get started in streaming games such as Big Fish Casino, Heart of Vegas, 8 Ball Pool, and lots more. The need to a gaming page is required and here’s how to go about that:

Steps to Create a Gaming Page

  • Visit the Gaming Page creator with the link www.facebook.com/gaming/pages/create.
  • Create a custom name for your gaming page and leave the category under Gaming video creator.
  • Then, you can click Continue and set up your gaming profile.
  • Also, you can set up your gaming profile by adding your Profile Picture and Cover Photo.

Finally, you can start sending invite or notification to friends to learn about your new Facebook gaming pages. Now that you’ve created your gaming page, whenever you stream from your gaming video creator page it will curate to the official Facebook gaming site at fb.gg.

How to Convert Personal Page to a Gaming Video Creator Page

Getting many followers on Facebook can be very difficult to cross by, except you advertise your page. But if you already have an existing page that has many followers, you don’t need to creator another Gaming video creator page. Simple, you can easily convert your existing to the gaming page.

  • Simply, go to the Facebook Page.
  • Then, click the three-dotted line at the right of Share.
  • Next, click Edit Page Info and click Gaming Video Creator.
  • Finally, click Save Changes.

Also, you can add the Gaming Video Creator from the General tab under the Categories, you can convert to the gaming page. Now you’ve added or you can tell people about your gaming platform and also build your audiences.