Facebook Gaming Live Streaming – Watch Live Video Game Streaming

On the contrary, the Facebook Live is no longer just a mere feature for vlogging or funny cat live videos. Currently, the feature has been redesigned to become a live game streaming platform. As an alternative for aspiring video game streamers. Facebook gaming live streaming commonly referred to as Facebook gaming is a live streaming video platform that allows people to go live while playing games. The giant social networking sites enable anyone with an account to go live through external sources.

Facebook Gaming Live Streaming - Watch Live Video Game Streaming

Over 700 million people worldwide access the Facebook gaming to play games, watch gaming videos, and also join Facebook gaming groups. The Facebook gaming live streaming is making waves on the internet which are challenging other streaming game platforms such as Twitch. Joining the live streaming game platform also gives people the opportunity as a game lover to express your gaming ability. Also earn income while playing games. However, before going live with the Facebook Gaming, you need to create a gaming video creator page and also an encoder.

How to Create a Gaming Video Creator Page for Live Streaming Game

In other, for you to get started with the Facebook gaming live streaming. You first need to create a gaming video creator page. This gaming page allows you to build audiences and also use it to stream games. Here are the steps:

  • Go to www.facebook.com/gaming/pages/create to access the gaming page creator.
  • Next, you need to fill out the text on the page such as:
  • Your page names and leave the category as Gaming video creator
  • Click Continue and upload your Cover Photo/Profile Picture or Skip.
  • Then, you can select Send Notifications in other to notify your friends about your new Page or select Not Now to skip this step.
  • Once, you’ve successfully, create your gaming video creator page. You can the place curate clips, host former broadcast as well as update your fans on new contents.

Procedures on How to Start Streaming Live Games on Facebook

After creating your gaming video creator page, you need to download a software encoder such as OBS XSplit or Streamlabs OBS. Ensure the software you download runs on your machine in other to ensure optimal streaming experiences. Plus, you can also use a dedicated appliance encoder like Wowza ClearCaster to provide a more reliable experience.

  • Access the Creator Portal with the link www.facebook.com/live/create
  • In the middle of the page you can click Create live stream.
  • On the next page, select your gaming video creator page under Choose.
  • Next, copy the stream key and/or server UL and that paste them on the setting of your software.
  • Under Service, select Facebook Live.

In summary, you can then access your streaming software in other to start streaming. Note: your preview stream on Facebook will appear on the server URL and Stream Key. Finally, you can tag the game and also insert a description in the creator portal.