Facebook Gaming Live Stream – Facebook Gaming Live Streaming | Facebook Gaming Live

Facebook Gaming Live Stream – Facebook Gaming Live Streaming | Facebook Gaming Live: On the contrary, Facebook gaming live stream is been on for some amazing and lucrative game streaming audience just like other gaming streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube. The giant social networking platform made a recent announcement of a newly developed software kit that is designed to make it more better for gamer or viewers to stream PC games like on the social network. The new announces software is regarded as Facebook Gaming Live stream. 

Facebook Gaming Live Stream - Facebook Gaming Live Streaming | Facebook Gaming Live

In the Meantime, the Facebook Gaming Live stream is a streaming hub whereby lovers of games go live in order to share your play experiences with friend’s followers, and also fans. Actually, streaming games on Facebook enable you to compete with other gamers and also give game streamers a better discovery and more prominent placement through a landing page. Moreover, the Facebook gaming live stream has a homepage when you go live which features various streamers and more. Asa game lover, you can decide to go lives but with requires equipment to go live.

Required Things to Stream Facebook Live Games

Like I earlier said, the Facebook gaming live stream happens to be more fun where you can interact with other follows. Also, on the streaming homepage features different views either by liking the page or a user follows and browses all games. However, the social media giant network allows anyone to go live with an external source through your Facebook account. Hence before you begin you need to

  • Set up a Gaming Video Creator Page.
  • Download and configure either OBS, XSplit or Streamlabs OBS.

However, you don’t need to worry about where to access or get following set up required. The Facebook gaming live stream as a web platform which gives you the link to the following set up. Therefore you can view the next outline below.

Facebook Gaming Live Stream – Steps to Live Streaming Games on Facebook

Facebook gaming live stream get you connected with like-minded gamers to interact with such other discussing and sharing ideas. However, you’re giving the privileged in order to access the one-stop-shop analytic platform and manage your brand. Use the following steps

Step 1: Create Gaming Video Creator Page

  • Access the link facebook.com/gaming/pages/create.
  • Provides game page name and press Continue.

Step 2: Set Up either OBS, XSplit or Streamlabs OBS

  • Visit streamlabs.com or obsproject.com/download or xsplit.com to install the setup.
  • Then create a scene with any of the setups. Note you can view more about this section with this link www.facebook.com/fbgaminghome/creators/getstarted

Step 3: Go Live

  • Go to the website facebook.com/live/create and click Create Live Stream.
  • Then under the post, you can select where you want to go live stream.
  • Then copy and paste the server URL to the stream key into the settings of the streaming software.
  • Therefore you can select the streaming software in order to begin streaming.
  • Also, you need to enter the name of your stream and identify the type of games you play. Then add a description to enable viewers to know what to expect from your game streaming.

Afterward, you can click Go Live. Therefore you’re now live on the Facebook gaming live stream. Note also, in order to have a better understanding of the aspect of how to set up a scene with either OBS, XSplit or Streamlabs OBS. You can click on the link from the second set up.