Facebook Gaming Creator – Facebook Gaming creators Livestreams

How can I become a Facebook gaming creator? Facebook has actually moved to a greater height where you don’t just communicate with friends. The social media platform has actually made it lots more fun with the introduction of the Facebook Gaming. However, the introduction of the Facebook gaming actually represents a fun gaming atmosphere where gamers can express and showcase their talent in the world of online video games. The Facebook Gaming Creator is your one-stop- gaming hub to join the global community of online video gamers.

Facebook Gaming Creator - Facebook Gaming creators Livestreams

Furthermore, Facebook Gaming Creator is simply to the like of other gaming hubs such as Twitch, Smashcast.tv, Mixer, YouTube Gaming, and others. Apparently, the Facebook Gaming comes as one of the biggest social networking gaming streaming services where you can start a live gaming video for people to watch. To join the Facebook creator gaming is very simple and free to get started with the gaming video creator. However, there are there step in becoming or joining the Facebook gaming creator.

How to Set Up/Create Gaming Video Creator Page

On the contrary, the main concept of the Facebook gaming creator is to enable you to stream games across Facebook platforms that include the Facebook Gaming web and Facebook Gaming App. To get started on the official creator Facebook gaming, you need the gaming video creator page.

To Set Up the Gaming Video Creator Page:

  • First, you need to login to your Facebook account on another tab.
  • Then, visit the link www.facebook.com/gaming/pages/create on another tab.
  • This will automatically sign in to the gaming video creation page.
  • Then, set up your gaming page name and click the category under Gaming video creator.

The main importance of the Gaming video creator page is that, whenever you go live to stream games, it will be showcased on your page where visitors watch your live game streaming on their mobile phone or through the desktop computer.

Set Up a Live Streaming Software

After you must have created your gaming page, you need to use a streaming software, such as Streamlabs, OBS, or XSPLIT. The process of installing the following streaming software is very simple and you can choose to use any of the software. Let take the Streamlabs for example:

To Install the Streamlabs

  • First of all, install the Streamlabs OBS on your device.
  • Then, the software will go through some analysis such as your internet speed and computer hardware in other to configure the best performance.
  • Note you can decide to do that manually, by visiting the software settings.

To Create a Scene using Streamlabs:

  • Click the option Create a new scene.
  • Then, add a source and also your webcam.
  • Lastly, you can open the SLOBS y sign in your Facebook.

Finally, now that you can complete the following step then the last step is to Go Live. You can start your live streaming game by visiting the click fb.gg/streamer and click Create Live Stream and follow the on-screen instruction to Go Live.