Facebook Games for Money – Earn Money by Playing Games on Facebook

Can I earn money by playing games on Facebook or how can I win money with Facebook Games? On the contrary, there are lots of people that are very skilled in playing games. As a matter of fact, most people don’t actually earn money playing games even with the skill they acquire. However, Facebook introduces a gaming hub where you can go live while playing games. You can host a live gaming stream and allows visitors to watch from the Facebook streaming platform. The Facebook Gaming comprises of the live streaming platform and the instant gaming.

Facebook Games for Money - Earn Money by Playing Games on Facebook

The fascinating aspect of Facebook gaming is that it allows you to create a live video gaming stream. Where visitors can watch live video game stream through the creator page. Actually, this is the most effective means of earning money while playing games on Facebook. Initially, there are other applications in which you download to your mobile phone where you can earn virtual money. This allows you to play games, watch tv and also take an online survey. But Facebook Gaming is an exceptional way of earning money without the need for survey. You only earn money by just playing games you love and nothing more.

Requirement to Start Earning Money on Facebook Gaming

On the contrary, the Facebook Game Streaming is competitive with other gaming hub which as Twitch, Discord and others you can think of. The release of the Facebook game streaming allows you to share your passion for games in real time to thousands of people online. This also enable viewers to interact and engage in your live game streaming session with likes, share and also live chat. There are certain thing you need to earn money with Facebook Games

  • Facebook Account: you need a Facebook account before you can join the communities of Facebook game streamer.
  • Gaming Video Creator Page: also you need to set up a gaming video creator page where you can start your game streaming.
  • Monetization: for you to start earning money with Facebook online games, you need to monetize your content.

The most important aspect of the following requirement is the Monetization of your Gaming Video Creator Page with the Facebook Star. In other words, to start earning money playing games on Facebook, you need the feature “Facebook Stars” which allows you to set up page on monetization mode.

Guideline to Earn Money Playing Games on Facebook

The process of making money on Facebook is simple or monetizing your gaming page to start making money. The aspect is that you cannot just start making money or monetize your page. There are rules to Facebook Monetization you need to follow to start earning money from your gaming content.

To Start earning money

  • Visit the Creator Studio page and select the Creative Tools.
  • Then, click Live Dashboard or access the Streamer Dashboard and select Set up Stars.
  • Afterward, you can enter your payment information.

But begin you can set this up, you need to join the Level Up, then you can start to receive stars. Actually, for each star you receive equal to USD 0.01 Facebook pays you. Therefore, you need to have more stars, and you can receive stars from visitors.