Facebook Game Play – How to Play Games on Facebook | FB Games on Messenger

Facebook Game Play – Play Facebook Game with Friends
Online games are video games that is either partially or primarily played through the internet via computer or mobile phones. Facebook games is an online social media game platform that improves your social skills and makes you interact with your friends. This is just a game socializing platform for everyone.

Facebook games Play are easy and free to play on Facebook, some exciting games might not be free which you need to purchase. You could play Facebook games online anytime, anywhere, and could play with your friends (old or new). there are different types of Facebook games you could play which are interesting and some of the best games in the game world. This are a list of  games you could play on Facebook;

  • Farmville.
  • World challenge.
  • Mafia Wars.
  • Yoville.
  • Bejeweled Blitz.
  • Zynga poker.
  • Candy crush saga.
  • MindJolt Games.
  • Restaurant City
  • Criminal case.

Among all this listed game above if any of them is your favorite then Facebook got you covered because you could play them for free on Facebook.

How to Play Games on Facebook?

You need a Facebook account and internet connectivity to access all Facebook games online, these are some steps on how to play your favorite games on Facebook;

On Web:

  • Open your favorite browser
  • Go to facebook.com
  • Login your registered Facebook account with your email address or phone number and password.
  • Search for “Games” in the search bar.
  • A new page will open listing all the popular and favorite games on Facebook.
  • You can refine this research by using the search box on the right side.
  • Select the type of game you want (Arcade, Sports and Puzzle) as game type
  • After you’ve seen your favorite game click on the play game.
  • It will take some time for the game to load depending on your internet connection speed.

On Mobile App:

  • Login you Facebook account details.
  • Below Explore in the left side menu of the home page, Click see more then games.
  • To search for a game, click on game store and enter your favorite games into the search for games box

Once you find your favorite Facebook games, click play now to play the game on your Facebook app. You can now play your favorite game and have fun on Facebook non­-stop.

How to Invite Friends on Facebook Game Play

you could invite or challenge your friend online to a favorite game on Facebook using the messenger app with this step below;

  • Start a conversation by clicking on the name of the friend or clicking the four (4) dotted point on the page.
  • Then click game and then you will be directed to games categories.
  • Then select the game to play

Note: once you clicked to play the challenging game with your friend, your friend will be notified. Its quite fun to play the game with friends on Facebook as it is much more interesting and competitive. This is more like a challenge to me as I am looking forward to being the winner.