Facebook Game List – How to Access Facebook Game List

Is there a Facebook game list? Now here is a million-dollar question. As a Facebook user or a non-user, asking this question seems out of sorts or absurd rather.  If you want to ask a question like this you might as well ask if one can play games on the Facebook platform. Well, whatever it is you don’t know about gaming on Facebook you are going to find out on this article. The Facebook game list can be seen as a list containing games that can be readily accessed and played on Facebook.

Do you know that so many Facebook users only use the platform for chatting, making voice and video calls? If you are one of these users, then you are not maximizing the full potential of the platform. The Facebook platform is more than just a social media platform. Of course, it is a social media platform, it is one of the best social media platforms in the world if not the best. You can make use of Facebook to market your business. You can also set up an online store on the platform amongst other things.

Are There Games On Facebook?

I am going to be giving you a straight answer to the above question. Are there games on Facebook? Yes! There are games on the Facebook platform. Facebook users can now play their favorite games on the Facebook platform. Play games on the platform, therefore, means that these gamers or users no longer need to download and install games on their devices before they can play games. I think this is one of the best features on the Facebook platform.

If you haven’t tried it out yet you should. I promise you, you are going to enjoy every bit of your time on the platform. Facebook users can play Facebook games on their mobile devices and desktop devices. The Gameroom, on the other hand, does not function well on mobile devices. It is therefore advisable to get the Gameroom app on your desktop device running windows 7 and above. This Gameroom app is not yet available for Mac and Linux users.

How to Get Access to Facebook Games – Facebook Game List

Now that you know games exist on the Facebook platform, do you know how to get access to them? Facebook games can be accessed and played by active facebook uses only. If you are not yet registered on the Facebook platform you cannot play games on the platform. You, therefore, need to create your own Facebook account today. If you do not know how to create a Facebook account you have nothing to worry about as I will be putting you through the process of creating a Facebook account. To create a Facebook account, visit the official Facebook sign-up page at www.facebook.com/signup and follow the on-screen instructions.

You can access and play Facebook games across all Facebook platforms. You can play Facebook games on the Facebook mobile app, the Facebook messenger app, and the Facebook Gameroom. On the other hand, it is hard and almost impossible to play games via the Facebook web on your mobile device. It is therefore advisable to download and install the game on your mobile device as this is the only way to play Facebook games considering this option. But you can, however, play Facebook games via the Facebook web on your desktop PC. You can download the Facebook Gameroom app via this link www.facebook.com/gameroom.

The Top 12 Games to Play on the Facebook Platform Right Now

Below is a list of games you should try out on the Facebook platform. Check out the list below;

  • Texas hold’em poker.
  • Cookie jam.
  • Candy crush saga.
  • Farmville 2.
  • Criminal case.
  • Bejeweled Blitz.
  • Clash of clans.
  • Trivia crack.
  • 8 ball pool.
  • Pet rescue saga.
  • Real Racing 3.
  • Top eleven be a football manager.

These are the top twelve games to play on the platform. Well, this list is a personal favorite list. There are lots of other games to play on the Facebook platform. It will be therefore wise to go through the platform and select your poison.