Nevertheless, Facebook is fully aware of the important role they play in the running of a fundraiser campaign across the world. This only has been a huge success and life-changing to billions of people, also a blessing to people who donate money to various causes. Most time people think the platform is unsafe on both sides. i.e. feeling insecure in donating money and most people creating a fake fundraiser page. On the contrary, the Facebook fundraiser rules are more like a polices that safeguard user on the platform.

Facebook Fundraiser Rules - How Does a Facebook Fundraiser Work | Facebook Fundraiser Help

Facebook fundraiser rules are guidelines that people have to comply with so that it might not lead to some issues. For instance, Fundraisers for a personal cause might be removed from Facebook due to the disobedient to the Facebook fundraiser rules. Probably, due to the reason the fundraiser isn’t for a type of causes that are allowed on Facebook or goes against the Facebook personal fundraise terms of services which might lead to the removal of the fundraiser and this cause the loss of all funds donated. Here you can view the Facebook fundraiser rules.

Facebook Fundraiser Rules – Personal Fundraiser policies for Facebook

Furthermore, fundraisers should be able to provide accurate and honest descriptions of what that will be used for. Therefore, are advised to provide enough information while creating fundraising so that Facebook and other users will be clear and known how you’ll use the money. Hence, as a personal fundraiser here is the categories of causes you need to create fundraising for:

  • Community Projects and Groups. Examples include costs for improvement projects, volunteer activities, and club activities.
  • Crisis Relief. Examples include costs for public crises and natural disasters.
  • Education. Examples include costs for tuition, books and classroom supplies.
  • Faith. Examples include costs for missions, community events, and resources.
  • Family. Examples include childcare costs, costs for adoption and help for relatives.
  • Hobbies. For instance, include costs for crafting equipment and supplies that support hobby or skill development.
  • Medical. Examples include costs for medical procedures, treatments, and injuries.
  • Memorial and Loss. Examples include costs for funerals, living costs after losing a loved one.
  • Personal Emergency. Examples include costs for a house fire, theft or a car accident.
  • Pets and Animals. Examples include costs for veterinary bills, rescue and protection efforts.
  • Sports and Competitions. Examples include costs for sports equipment, pageants and travel expenses.
  • Travel. Examples include costs for school trips and emergency travel.
  • Volunteering. Examples include costs for service equipment and supplies and travel expenses.

This are the following cause which you can create a fundraiser has a personal cause. While for the nonprofit causes you need a Page for verified nonprofits, also for verified brands, and verified public figure from Facebook.

Facebook Fundraiser Rules- Additional Rules of the Facebook Fundraiser to Access

On the contrary, there are some rules are guidelines that you need to comply with which includes the Personal Fundraiser Category Policy, Community standard, personal Fundraiser Teams of Service and also other policy. Therefore, to see more of the Facebook fundraiser rules you can visit the link or to access rules of the Fundraiser on Facebook.