Recently, Facebook has introduced a new feature on the fundraising social networking platform which provided more effective when it comes to people donating money for the cause they believe in. Therefore, added a matching feature which’s said to allow people automatically match donation depending on a set of amounts reach by fundraisers. This feature is commonly known as the Facebook Fundraiser Matching. The Facebook fundraiser matching simply allows nonprofit organizations on Facebook to pledge to match donations to that fundraiser.

Facebook Fundraiser Matching - How To Pledge a Donation Match

Hence, with the Facebook fundraiser matching, individuals and organizations can rally more fundraiser supporters to express what they feel for their cause through the process of pledging to match donations to a fundraiser they’ve created. However, matching donation can only be matched for nonprofit fundraisers and when you match donations to your fundraiser, note the following:

  • The amount you can pledge to match is between $5 and $2500
  • The amount you pledge to match is the requires the maximum amount you’re responsible to pay. For instance, if you pledge to match $150 but your fundraiser raises $300, you only pay the lower amount.
  • You can’t delete or change when a pledge donation has been made whereby a fundraiser has received a donation.

These are the following things you need to consider about the Facebook fundraiser matching. Next, you can see more about the features and how to make or pledge donations.

Features of Facebook Fundraiser Matching

There are three factors or maybe benefit applied to the fundraiser matching. These benefits are simple and profitable to nonprofits organization and that includes the following:

  • Reach your goal faster: allows you to match any amount whether it’s $5, $100, $2,500 or more.
  • Lead by example: when you pledge to match donations made to your fundraiser, it brings motivate and inspires supporters to keep donating.
  • No fees: Facebook does not charge you concerning donations made to nonprofits through the Facebook payments.

Moreover, the Facebook fundraiser has been an inspiration to billions of people all over the world. There lots of stories reported of how the Facebook fundraiser has been helpful to their life’s and family.

Facebook Fundraiser Matching – How To Pledge a Donation Match

Note that Facebook fundraiser matching isn’t available in all location, it’s only currently accessible across the US on-boarded and DAF organizations.

  • On a desktop, access for a nonprofit from your organization’s Facebook Page.
  • Next, when you’ve created your organization’s fundraiser click the … More button on your fundraiser and click Match Donations.
  • Click Choose Pledge Amount
  • Next, you need to select the dollar amount that your organization wishes to pledge through the provided amount options.
  • You can create a particular account by clicking Other to enter your specific match amount.
  • Enter your payment source and click Schedule Payment to confirm your pledge amount.
  • You’re all set! Click Done to exit this screen.

Finally, now that your match amount has been set, next, your match amount will then appear publicly on your fundraiser page. This will inform potential supporters about your organization’s pledge to match donations.