Facebook Friendversary – Share a Friendversary on Facebook

Do you know how to make your friends feel important and also show a feeling that you really care for the friendship you both Facebook for a very long time. Facebook has introduced another amazing feature to celebrate friendship anniversary with friends. On the contrary, Facebook Friendversary is a way of celebrating friends on Facebook inform a video. This is mostly used by Facebook to remind important friendversaries in life. This majorly comes up with the number of years you have spent with friends on Facebook.

Facebook Friendversary - Share a Friendversary on Facebook

However, in case you’re thinking about how the word came in to place. The Facebook Friendversary is a combination of friendship and anniversary which use to celebrate friendship much like a dating anniversary or even wedding anniversary but it without romances. If you’re a collection of your pictures on Facebook which will be displayed in the form of a video tape for you to share with Facebook. Therefore, we will deliberate on the various aspect of the Facebook friendversary you need to know about.

How to See and Share your Friendversary Video

On the contrary, the Friendversary on Facebook doesn’t just come up all of a sudden. It actually depends on the particular time you shared or been with a friend you Facebook can make up a friendversary video. Anytime a friendversary video is created it appears in your News deed on the anniversary of the day that you become friends with someone on Facebook.

This is only seemed by you and not anyone else except you decide to share your friendversary video with friends and also get to tag the person you are celebrating the anniversary with. In other to share your Friendversary video you can access the news feed to see if you have a friendversary video and if you see it. You can click the play icon to watch the video and after that, you can then click the Share icon below in other for you to share the video.

Facebook Friendversary – How to Edit your Friendversary Video Before Sharing

Before you side your Friendversary video, you can, however, decide who you want to asset your post by choosing an audience before posting your video. In other to edit your post go through the following process:

  • On the friendversary video, click edit at the top right of the video to change the setting before sharing.
  • Then select the audience you want to see your post
  • Lastly, click Post or Done.

Note that you can also write an interesting review of the video, tag friends and share your video to all friends on Facebook.