Facebook Friendship Video – Create A Facebook Friendship Video

Facebook is known for its leading amazing features that help people communicate without stress.  Now here is another amazing feature called Facebook friendship video. The user can edit and create a short slideshow clip that contains your favourite friends and the awards you give to them. This is normally in a video from that’s why it’s been referred to as Facebook friendship video.

Facebook Friendship Video - Create A Facebook Friendship Video

This is based on how many times you’ve liked their posts, how many music pages both of you like or how many photos you two are tagged in. Facebook friendship is one of the features that Facebook incorporated into their social media that makes people find a new look in friendship. Facebook has a good understanding of how all this friendship stuff works and that is why they keep improving in ways to make the friendship work.

How to Create A Facebook Friendship Video

Most time its good to take a view of your past event with your friend. But to keep the memory going these memory has to be in video form. You must have forgotten what has been done in the past as users always post an like activates on Facebook platform. Here we have steps that you should follow in order to create a Facebook Friendship Video.

  1. First Open your Facebook home page, then you go to the search box and type ‘Friends Day 2018’ or any year,  inside the search box and click Search to get a search result. When the results are shown, you’ll notice that ‘Happy Friends Day!’ is at the top of the list. Click the Visit button that is beside it.
  2. When that is done, You’ll see your memories on a page where all the work that is done gets done. a preview of your personal Facebook Friends Day video with random photographs collected using Facebook’s own algorithm is shown to you. When you hit the right button,  it enables you to move to the right. It’ll show you the individual cards featuring your friend and the award he or she is getting.
  3. Facebook Friends Day video editing platform gives you the opportunity to customize the video. You can also create the awards for friends that do not get picked up by Facebook. When you click the right, you can now be able to find the Create card.

Final Step in Creating a Facebook Anniversary Video 

Then just tap the Create button at the bottom of the card. You’ll see a search box that will appear on the screen. All you need do is to type your friend’s name and select. Choose the award – Music Buddy, Photo Op Friend, Makes Any Time a Good Time, Always Has My Back or Big-Hearted – and give it out to your favourite human.

The moment you have given away the right award to the right friend that you choose. When you’re happy with the Facebook Friends Day video that was created. Click the Share button at the bottom of the preview.

With this feature called  Facebook friendship video, you can now instantly create a short video without proper video editing skills.  So what are you waiting for? Start creating your own stories with memories of friends that made awesome stores on your timeline.