How do I opted in the Facebook free mode on my android phone or perhaps how do I turn on the free mode service on Facebook? On the contrary, Facebook has implemented a new way of connecting with the service even using having single data or with 0.00MB. Basically, almost all the mobile app and website makes use of a data connection when their no access to connect with the Wi-Fi. Facebook has connected with some mobile carriers which are the SIM card where all charges data will be covered.

Facebook Free Mode - Facebook Free Mode Settings

The Facebook free mode is actually connecting with Facebook without using any data or even at 0.0MB. you can browse through the Facebook service, send messages, add friends, read posts or contents, and others. But the only thing you won’t be able to use or make use of is viewing images or videos. But aside from that, you can do the normal or basic activities on your account.

How Long does the Free Mode Service Lasts?

At first, when the free mode was first released it provided unlimited access to stay connected with your family and friends. whereby you can use the free mode from morning until night and still continue the next day without exhausting or been charged for the service. But now, the service only lasts for an hour or more depending on how you use your data. Actually, you are offered 20MB to connect with friends and family every day. Therefore, once you have exhausted the 20MB you’re giving you won’t be able to connect with Facebook until the next day where you will be awarded another 20MB.

How do I Turn on Free Data Service on Mobile Phone?

In other to turn on the free mode service, you need to end the connection with the use of the Wi-Fi. When your device is logged in to the wi-fi, you won’t be able to access the feature. Most time, the feature might appear even when you have data on your mobile phone.

On the web:

  • Go your mobile phone web browser go to
  • Simply log in with your Facebook account.

On the app:

  • Open your Facebook mobile app.
  • At the top right section click Free mode.

Keep in mind, you can only start using the free mode or connect with Facebook without data charges is when you use a SIM card that is registered with the Facebook free mode. Also, this service is available in some parts of that country and might not be accessible to some parts of the country as well. Moreover, use the connect with the free mode using the platform like Messenger app, Facebook Lite, and the web.