Facebook for Kids – Facebook Messenger for Kids | Facebook for Kids App: Facebook for kids is the kid’s version of Facebook. Facebook for kid’s platform is a safer and more controlled version of the community mainly made for kid’s. It is a place where kids can have fun, chat with their friends, and most importantly all these are done under the supervision of their parents. Facebook for kids is just like the parental guidance feature of Facebook to keep your kids on the check.

Facebook for Kids - Facebook Messenger for Kids | Facebook for Kids App

Facebook for kids can also be seen as messenger kids. Messenger for kids or Facebook Kids Messenger is the official app for Facebook for kid’s. This app is so easy to understand and use. It allows kids to message and video call using Wi-Fi only, so, therefore, they don’t need a phone number. Facebook kid’s app or messenger kids is an ideal tool for parents because keeping tabs on kids in terms of internet security can sometimes be hectic and not productive.

This app can help you keep a healthy eye on your kids without causing much trouble for you and your kid. Facebook for kids provides so much fun for kids besides chatting with friends and family. It has a feature-filled camera, with kids appropriate masks stickers and gifs thereby making conversations more interesting and fun-filled.

How to Sign up Your Child on Facebook for Kids

To sign up your child on messenger for kids follow these steps;

  1. Download the messenger for kids’ app on your kids’ device.
  2. Authenticate your Childs device using your own Facebook login details.
  3. You can now create an account for your child by adding his or her name.

Facebook for kids or messenger kids’ app is available in the Amazon for fire tablets, and on Google play store on all other Android devices.

How to Add an Adult as a Contact for Your Kid

You can add an adult who already has a Facebook account as a contact from your Facebook account, or through the messenger kids’ app.

From Desktop

  1. On the explore section on the left hand of your screen, scroll down and click on messenger kids.
  2. Click on your kids’ name or account.
  3. Tap on choose contacts.
  4. Click on your friends or family members on the left panel
  5. You should see a list of your Facebook contacts. Click ‘add’ next to any of these contacts.

From Facebook App

  1. Tap the bookmarks icon
  2. Scroll down to messenger kids
  3. Tap on your kids’ name
  4. Select choose people
  5. Tap add on any of the contacts from the selected list of friends and family.

From Messenger Kids App

  1. Tap ask to add a contact.
  2. Your kid should type in the name of the person they want to add, and type send.
  3. The parent will get a message on their Facebook account which says your child has requested for you to add a person as their messenger kids’ contact.
  4. Tap on the message in your messenger account. A list of your contact will show.
  5. Press the add tab next to any of these contacts and that person will become connected to your child on messenger kids.

Why Parents Make use of Facebook For Kids

The main reason why parents should engage in on this platform is the total control parents have over their kids’ activities when using this app. kids can only connect with contacts approved by their parents. Messages can’t be hidden, making it possible for parents to check in on their kids’ activities anytime they want. Controls can be initiated by parents from the messenger kid’s parental control settings within their account on all contact requests on behalf of their kids.

The parent who receives the contact request must approve of it before the child can chat. Something unique about this Facebook or messenger kid’s app is that all the art, drawing tools, and creative elements, in general, have been reviewed to make sure they are kid’s appropriate. Messenger kids are built for kids to connect with family and friends approved by their parents. The kids’ account will be managed through their parents’ accounts. Contacts can be blocked by both parents and kids.