There are lots of happenings on facebook platfri=om as its a social media platform with lots of fun. A Facebook event feature is a feature that enables Facebook users promotes events in general. Facebook events include birthdays, marriages and so much more. It is a platform where members can organize different social gatherings like community or online events. Making use of the Facebook event feature is very interesting. It saves users a whole lot of time and money when making use of this platform.

Facebook Event - Create an Event on Facebook

You can easily create an event, invite all the guests you want to be in attendance to your event all at the same time. The most outstanding feature of the Facebook event here is that all these can be done from the comfort of your home. Creating of a Facebook event can be done by anybody as events can be either private or public. A Facebook private event can be seen by only those you invite. While the public event that can be seen by everyone on Facebook just as the name implies. Even those that are not your friends on Facebook can see it.

When inviting guests to a private event you should know that you are allowed a maximum of 500 guests per event. Just in case the 500 guests is too small you can expand the number of your reach by allowing anyone you invite to invite their friends. And also by naming a co-host who is also allowed to invite at most 500 persons. Only active Facebook users can make use of this platform. In other words, meaning you cannot make use of this platform if do not have a Facebook account. To create a Facebook account and start making use of the Facebook events feature visit web platform.

Create an Event on Facebook – Facebook Event

Just like we discussed earlier Facebook event can either be private or public. To create an event on Facebook follow the below process.

  1. Click on events on the left-hand column of your Facebook page.
  2. A page will appear displaying suggested pages which might be of interest to you.
  3. Navigate to the create event tab which you will find at the top right corner of your Facebook page. Click on it.
  4. A drop-down menu will appear with two options, which are ‘create private events’ and ‘create public events’.
  5. You can either click on private event or public events.
  6. If you click on private event you will be required to fill out information like event photo or video, a theme, event name, event location, date and time and description about the event. After filling out the necessary information click on create event.
  7. For public event. You will also be required to fill out necessary information about your event just like the private event. such information includes event photo or video, event name, location, time and date, a slight or detailed description of your event. After that click on create event.

After you have successfully create an event on Facebook you will have to invite friends. You can invite your Facebook friends and those of your friends that are not on Facebook also, either by text or by mail. Note that in creating a private event there is a feature that allows your guests to invite other persons. But just in case you don’t want your guests to invite other persons you can uncheck this feature when creating the event. But if the event is a public event you can save yourself the trouble of invitation and just post the event on your wall.