Facebook Easter Money: What is happening on Easter Monday on Facebook? On the contrary, the countdown to the Easter Monday has started. For you to be able to see the Easter Monday despite the recent epidemic, it’s a cause to give thanks to GOD because he has risen for the salvation of our soul. The Easter celebration is actually a big event to celebrate the death and the risen of Christ our Lord Jesus. But due to the recent pandemic of the Coronavirus spreading widely in various parts of the country. The Easter Monday celebration has been canceled in some parts of the country.  

Facebook Easter Monday - Easter Monday Facebook Live Stream

But the interesting part is that the Easter celebration isn’t lockdown on social networking sites. The Facebook Easter Monday is a get platform where you can live stream all your activities during the Easter Monday for friends to see. For instance, during our previous article, we talked about the Facebook Easter Egg Hunt. Where you can join the thousands of people playing the Eastertide game on Facebook. However, the Facebook Easter Monday is the mode of celebrating the death and the resurrection of Christ by posting Easter video celebration or decorating your profile picture with the Easter color.  

How to Set Up Easter Monday Facebook Live Stream 

Based on the lockdown and implementation of social distancing for the safety of all citizens, the celebration of the Easter Monday won’t hold. But that can’t stop you from celebration the Easter Monday with friends and family. Because, the social networking site is there for you to connect with your friends and family anywhere around the world.  

To Make an Easter Monday Live Stream: 

  • Go to your Facebook web and sign in to your Facebook account.  
  • After signing in to your Facebook account.  
  • Click on Create Post and select the three-dotted line.  
  • Afterward, select Live Video.  

As a matter of fact, the Easter Monday Facebook live stream connect you with your long distant friends or family members. Likewise, with this, you can easily show the world how you’re celebrating the Easter Monday quarantine with your family members.  

How to Celebrate the Easter Monday on Facebook 

Asides from the Easter Monday live stream on Facebook which actually give a huge impact on millions of people concerning the celebration of the risen of Christ. Another method, you can use to also celebrate Easter Monday on Facebook based on the social distancing is by decorating your profile picture with the Easter celebration. Also, you can share sweet memories of your previous Easter experiences with friends and family by posting videos or pictures.  

Above all, Easter celebration without showing love to other people is not complete. You can simply make use of Facebook as a medium to send sweet Easter messages, quote. Picture, or videos to your loved one and also to people you don’t know.