Facebook Easter Egg Hunt – Easter Egg Hunt 2020 with Social Distancing

How can I join the Facebook Easter egg hunt with social distancing? Due to the crisis around the world and the recent epidemic happening in the country. It’s very different to celebrate the Easter celebration based on the lockdown. Also, based on the fact that social distancing is one of the regulations put by the government. Currently, there are over billions of people sitting at home during the Easter celebration based on the Coronavirus. But Facebook, on the other hand, is giving millions of people a chance to join the Easter egg hunt going on right now on Facebook. Find out more about the Facebook Egg Hunt and how to starts.  

Facebook Easter Egg Hunt - Easter Egg Hunt 2020 with Social Distancing

First of all, Egg Hunt is known to be an Eastertide game in which people decorate eggs with different colors and hide them for children to find. However, the Easter game used is usually real hard-boiled eggs or artificial eggs which are painted or dyed with different colors and also filled with chocolate or candies. The section in which Facebook take part in Egg Hunt is that it allows you to make a live stream of the Egg Hunt for people to see. Also to challenge others to join the Facebook Egg Hunt.  

Requirement to Join the Facebook Easter Egg Hunt  

On the contrary, the Facebook Easter Egg Hunt is a physical game and can’t be played online. But through the live streaming, you can actually engage and encourage people. To still join and celebrate the Easter Egg Hunt in your home and not outside despite the lockdown. Above all, you need a Facebook account to get started with Easter Egg Hunt to get started. For those without a Facebook account, we will help you with the step to create a Facebook account.  

To Create a Facebook Account 

  • Visit the Facebook creation page, www.facebook.com.  
  • Then, click “Create an Account” to set up your account.  
  • Next, create your account by filling out the detail that includes your full name, email address or phone number, password and others.  
  • Finally, after filling out the details, click Create Account.  

Now that you’ve created your Facebook account. This will get you started with the Facebook Easter Egg Hunt online to engage people in the Egg Hunt challenge. Also, you need a secure internet connection to join people on the Easter Egg Hunt.  

How to Start the Facebook Live Easter Egg Hunt Challenge  

On the contrary, many people are well familiar with the Easter Egg Hunt and we already mention some in detail above. The Easter Egg Hunt is all about hidden different colors of eggs for children to find and that’s all. However, you can get started by going live, all you need to do is get set for the game. Then, you can hide eggs in your home and start the Facebook live stream for people to join.  

In addition, apart from live streams, there are groups on Facebook that allows, you to post decorated picture of Easter color. For instance, you can decorate your windows, cars, house and others with the beautiful color of Easter and post them on various groups.