Facebook Direct Support – Facebook Support Team

Facebook integrated two customer service centers where any issue concerning their account can be reported or find solutions to the issue. The included the help center in which you can find issues of Facebook features and also solutions to the issue. Also, secondly is the Facebook Ads help center where you can as well find issues concerning Facebook for business and see solutions to each problem. Under the Facebook help center, we have the community help center and the reporting center. While for Facebook Ads help center, we have Facebook direct support. In other words, the Facebook direct support is also part of the features of the Facebook ads help center.

Facebook Direct Support - Facebook Support Team

On the contrary, the Facebook direct support is known to be a private support channel that enables businesses using Facebook for Business to connect with specific support teams for the purpose of getting help from the Facebook business products and services. Also, the private support channel gives specific support to features such as the Facebook marketing partners, Facebook platform as well as the Instant Article, but you have to understand that it’s not accessible to all users.

How do I Access the Direct Support to Ask Questions?

Just like I mentioned, the aspect of the Direct Support provided by Facebook to connect you with specific support teams is not accessed by all users. Only those advertising their businesses with the Facebook ad can use the feature. Therefore:

  • Go to www.businnes.facebook.com/direct-support/ so as to access the Direct Support home page.
  • Afterward, you can then click the option “Ask a Question”.
  • Select the option that is related to your question.
  • Next, type in the question and you might find a frequent question that people can ask below your question.
  • In case you couldn’t find out the answer to the frequently asked question, then you can click Ask a New Question.

Afterward, you can fill out the description and the other text to customize your issue. Finally, you can click Confirm to submit your question. Then you can await the review from the support team to provide you with solutions to the problem.

When will Facebook Respond to my Question?

However, you’ve to understand that it’s not immediate you submit a question can you get a response to your question. The time in which you can receive responses to your question actually depends on the support team that is placed to receive your question. Most things that allow the time response varies is due to the time of day, week within the day, the number of questions assigned to the team and also the location. In general, most time, the time in which you can receive respond comes within one working day on weekdays.

In addition, there are two open platforms in which you can receive notifications about receiving a response. This includes the Business manager notification which can also be regarded as your email and also on the Messenger. Therefore, all you need to do in other not to miss out on the messages is to turn on the notification of your email and Messenger.