Facebook Dating Service – Facebook Launches Dating Service in Europe | Facebook Dating App

Dating site or app are been clouded on the internet, and recorded shows that there are over hundred of dating site which serve different kinds of purpose. Most people make use of the dating site or app to scam people by creating a fake account in other to extract money from people. I won’t say Facebook is actually safe because it’s clouded with over 2.3 billion people and is a great way to connect with people. The introduction of Facebook dating even serves a greater purpose in connecting or creating a relationship between two people.

Facebook Dating Service - Facebook Launches Dating Service in Europe | Facebook Dating App

Based on the security aspect, users can delete their Facebook dating profile if there feel insecure or threating on the platform. Deleting your detain profile is completely wipe every single detail that you’ve or within your account. Many people use the Facebook dating feature to build a relationship by creating a secret crush. Even after that, most of the found reason to delete Facebook dating is due to some minor or major reasons such as insecurity, inconvenience, and others.

How to Take a Break from the Dating Feature

In other not to take drastic measures which might end up leaving a feeling of regret. When you delete your Facebook dating profile. This actually sweeps you off every single activity that goes on within your account. Therefore, instead of deleting you can try about options by taking a break.

  • Open the Facebook app and access your dating account.
  • Then click Setting at the top of the dating page
  • Click on the options general for the selection of the setting
  • Then you click Take a Break which then turns purple.
  • Afterward, you can click Continue to confirm the action.

Once the following steps completed, then your profile will be invisible to all your account friends and also on the search results. People will not have the ability any longer to communicate with you, so also you won’t be able to do the same.

How to Delete Facebook Dating Profile Account

If precisely your intention still stands, you can till want to more on in deleting your account. Keep in mind that once your dating profile is completely out of the book. There is no change of recovery and your account will be completely gone forever.

  • Click on Dating from the Facebook app menu board.
  • Click on your profile setting in the top right.
  • Then you can scroll down to access the option “Delete Profile”.
  • Lastly, click Delete.

In conclusion, the action you take now will let you lose all your matches, conversation and on top of it your Facebook dating profile. However, deleting your dating profile doesn’t affect your normal Facebook account, just only your dating profile.