Facebook Crush List – How Does the Secret Crush Work | Facebook Crush Feature

Nowadays, Facebook has now joined the treading lines or companies of online dating site which’s now accessible to 19 countries including the US. Therefore, members of the available countries can join Facebook dating which makes it easier for people to find love with what they like. However, after the official release of Facebook dating introduces, the Secret Crush. In other to provide more effective ways to match people secretly. Facebook crush list a feature on the dating service that consists of people you’re matched within that as to do with a secret crush.

Facebook Crush List - How Does the Secret Crush Work | Facebook Crush Feature

Moreover, the Facebook crush list’s created by people that you’re showing interest with or people you’re falling in love with which can consist of nine people.  According to the announcement, Facebook dating gives people the opportunity to connect their Instagram post alongside their dating profile. Therefore, giving dating users the ability to also add people from their Instagram account into their Secret Crush lists.

Features of the Secret Crush Lists on the Facebook Online Dating App

Based on the annual developer conference, the release of Facebook dating brings people together and the main if its app as to do with the build of relationship. One of the interesting features developed into Facebook Dating is the “Secret Crush” just as we mentioned above. According to this feature, dating users are allowed to create a crush lists and add nine people whom they are secretly crushing either from the Instagram account or Facebook account.

Perhaps you’re secreting crushing on someone, and both of you’re enrolled in the Facebook dating. Therefore, if you add the people crushing on and the same people you crushing on add you to his/her listed, this indicated a match and you will have access to interact with each other. Moreover, Facebook also allows you to add people not enrolled in the dating to your crush list. This will enable more users to sign up for the service that’s ravenously curious why they were added to a crush list.

How You Can Create Secret Crush List on the Facebook Dating App

Although, for those that haven’t been on the Platform yet. The Facebook dating app feature designs within the Facebook app. This means it doesn’t have a separate app for downloading. Therefore, you need to install the main app on your devices or visit www.facebook.com/dating to start with the feature.

To add someone to your crush list:

  • First of all, open your Facebook app and select Dating from the menu.
  • Access your account as well as your dating profile account.
  • You can then select a total number of nine friends that you interested in
  • By clicking “Interested”.

After you indicate interest with someone, it notified them that someone has added them to a crush list if only the person is also on the feature. Likewise, when the people add you also to their list it is then called a match.