Facebook Crush – Facebook Secret Crush | How Does Facebook Secret Crush Work

How well have you been using the Facebook online dating service? Do you know that Facebook has added a new feature into the dating service known as the “Facebook Crush or Secret Crush? On the contrary, Facebook Inc’s new dating feature is leading the world most preferable online dating service with its integrated feature. Finally, after the release of the Facebook dating in 2018, recently added an exciting feature known as the “Secret Crush” that allows people to connect or be matched with people they show interest in.

Facebook Crush - Facebook Secret Crush | How Does Facebook Secret Crush Work

Once there’s a feeling of interest between the two-opposite sex, this gives them the ability to match up the two-love bird together and possibly engage in conversation. However, the Secret Crush allows dating users to create a crush list with selected numbers of nine friends from Facebook and Instagram. For instance, if you connect your Instagram account alongside your dating profile. This, therefore, give you the ability to select friends that you want to express interest with in a secret crush list.

How Does Secret Crush on Facebook Online Dating Feature Work? Facebook Secret Crush List

Perhaps you didn’t get a clear view of the “Crush or Secret Crush” on the above description. As we all know about Facebook dating features on the main Facebook app. Happen to be an online dating platform which is built for people that are single and searching to find their Mr/Mrs right. Facebook crush is a feature that allows Facebook daters to match up with people that show interest in them. As well as even matching up with Instagram users.

In other words, the secret crush list comprises of 9 friends choosing by you in which you’ve indicated to show a sign of affection toward them. Thereby allows you to have a private conversation with them. Besides you can add someone from Instagram you have been crushing on to the group to engage in conversation. Also, when someone adds you to their crush list means that you’re matched. That’s all you need to know about the Facebook crush as well as the Facebook secret crush lists.

How to Access the Secret Crush Feature on the Facebook Dating App

Accessing the feature shouldn’t be difficult for those that are frequent with the Facebook dating features except you haven’t been on the platform yet. In that case, you can simply go to www.facebook.com/dating to see if the feature is available in your country. In case the feature is available you can install the new version of the Facebook app which has the dating feature integrated on the app.

Once that process is completed, you can then set up your own account as well as your profile using your Instagram account. You can just browse the person you want to add to your crush list and then click the Plus icon. Then a message will appear on the mobile phone screen which will indicate “You’ve matched in Secret Crush”.