Facebook Creator Studio App – Is Creator Studio Free?

There are lots of people using Facebook and trust me when I say Facebook is the most used app right now. People use Facebook for different reasons aside from catching up with old friends and making new ones the Facebook app has gone beyond that. Facebook creator studio app is basically what everyone is using now. There is a lot to do on Facebook than just chatting with friends.

Facebook Creator Studio App - Is Creator Studio Free?

However, it is exciting to know that all creators all over the world now have access to the new Facebook creator studio app. Now you might be wondering where you can download the app. Well, the app can be downloaded on any device. If you use an Android phone you can get the app through the Google play store.

The creator studio app was designed to work together with the creator studio for desktop. Here, you can manage your content, track your performances and also connect with your audiences. Facebook creator studio apk offers the same engagement metrics for your Facebook page as the desktop version all from the convenience of your device. Isn’t this amazing?

What is the Facebook Creator App all About?

All Facebook users are familiar with this app once they have a Facebook account and the app on their device, and then you are free to make use of creator studio. However, with the app, you can manage your Facebook page content and also connect with your audience anytime, anywhere. However, most businesses these days are on Facebook but only every business uses Facebook creator studio. Once you start making use of it for your business, trust me your business will grow.

Is Creator Studio Free?

Of course, the Facebook creator studio app is free; you can download the app for free using any device of your choice including iPhone and iPad. Creators and publishers can now manage the content of their Facebook pages using the new app. facebook creator studio are now available for free on the App Store and there are also Android versions available on the Google play store.

Facebook Creator Studio Features

If you haven’t been making use of the Facebook creator studio app, you certainly might not know the app. Well, you get to find out some of the features below and they include:

  • Post status: This is the summary of your posting activity for the past 28days
  • Monetization: A summary of your estimated earnings, but this is for eligible users
  • Recommendations: is a personalized recommendation for the pages you manage
  • Recent posts: An highlight of the post you have published, scheduled over the past 7days
  • Insights:  Summary of your 7-day performance
  • Post something: shortcut to the post creation tool.

However, note that the creator’s studio is Facebook’s free dashboard that social media marketers and content creators use to manage people’s Facebook pages and even Instagram accounts.

Facebook Creator Studio APK

Creator Studio is the most commonly used app on Facebook. The app is used mostly by creators and media marketers, and it is a great tool that can be used to improve any kind of business. It has lots of tools designed to make scheduling, analyzing, and monetizing your videos easier than before. However, the Facebook creator studio app has something for anyone looking to bring the best content to their audience. Aside from this, track and monitor comments and messages from people reacting to your content. So it will be a great idea if you make use of the app.

What can I do with the Creator Studio Facebook App?

There are lots of things you can do with the Facebook creator studio app by just making use of your device. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

  • First, you can publish drafted Facebook posts
  • You can edit titles, descriptions and also delete posts
  • Facebook creator studio app Instagram, you can toggle between Facebook pages directly from your phone.
  • See notifications about key milestones
  • Get actionable insights about your Facebook contents

And finally, you can easily respond to Facebook messages and comments without any stress. Now is the time for you to download the creator studio app on your iOS, tablet, PC, or Android device.