Facebook Community Standards – Facebook Community Standards Review

On the contrary, rules and regulation are the things that maintain stability, and accountability is any organization. You can see this in school, office, church, and even the rules of government, this is meant to maintain stable governance of a particular organization. However, there are also rule that governs the social media networking platform that every user must oblige too. Concerning the giant social networking site, Facebook community standards is a rule and regulation or policy that maintain a safe usage or stability of Facebook.

Facebook Community Standards - Facebook Community Standards Review

In the meantime, lots of people come to Facebook to discover new things from the eyes of others and most connect with friends by sharing. In other to secure users from different perspectives, the Facebook community standard govern what is and what isn’t allowed on the platform. The standard applies to every content that as to with Facebook both posting, sharing and lots more all around the world. For instance, posted contents which have to do with bullying or hate speech to the other party will not be allowed. Most time, when people fail to comply with Facebook community standards, Facebook suspend or block each other. Therefore, in other not to fall victim are here are community standard rules that are not required.

Facebook Community Standards – Part 1 Violence and Criminal Behaviors

Under the violence and criminal behaviors, we have the following;

  • Violence and incitement: This prevents people that commonly express disdain or disagreement while communicating with other people using threaten word. Therefore, Facebook removes any language that incites or contain violence expression.
  • Dangerous individuals and organizations: Based on the effort of securing users’ organization such as terrorist activity, mass or serial murder, human trafficking and lots more are not allows on Facebook.
  • Promoting or publicizing crime: Facebook prevents anyone that engage in promoting or publishing crime including theft or fraud.

However, other includes coordinating harm (prevent people from creating a criminal activity to engage member into joining. Plus, regulation good i.e. prevent the sales of marijuana, cocaine, pharmaceutical drugs, trading of harmful drugs.

Facebook Community Standards – Part II Safety

Based on the safety of all Facebook users, there is something concerning each and every user not to get involved with. Plus, Facebook has provided a helpful solution to people who are facing a particular type of issue.

  • Suicide and self-injury: For those who feel like committing suicide due to any situation or cut them self-using shape object, Facebook profit any content that might lead to that. Also, provide helpline assistance of people who can help such a person.
  • Child nudity and sexual exploitation of children: Facebook prohibits content whereby children showing off their nudity and any sexually exploits or thing that can endanger children will be reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

However, there are so many rules and policy you need to understand and be aware of. Therefore, to learn more of the Facebook community standards visit www.facebook./communitystandards to also see recent updates on the community standards.