Facebook Comments – Facebook Comments Box

Facebook Comments – Post a Facebook Comment on a Users Post
People engage in one form of conversation or the other every day making statements and different comments. Most especially on social media like Facebook, for example, we upload videos and pictures and we get likes and comments on Facebook in return. Facebook Comments, as we see, are very important because they go a long way “meaning wise” so before anyone comment on a post picture or a video one should be very careful and constructive base on the audience he or she is referring to. Facebook comments is one of the most important things in a user’s post.

Facebook Comments - Facebook Comments Box

It is a verbal or a written remark expressing an opinion or reaction. When a user makes use of Facebook comments section to comment on a user’s post it is a good way of appreciating or motivating someone to keep up with whatever it is you are commenting on. On every content that a user publish other users can still make use of facebook comments section to comment on what so ever the user post.

Facebook Comments – Why you Need to Comment

Comments like I defined earlier is a written remark expressing one’s opinion on a subject. It is another way of interacting with friends. Facebook Comments is also a medium of giving positive feedback. These are also key to knowing how users engage with your content. We sometimes comment because of the interesting and rich content of a post.

Not every post or content has a good feedback or review. Facebook comment are also referred to as review. Users who see your content can also write an opinion about it just below the content this is also known as Facebook comments. In order to be able to write a review on the users, content or wall users should sign in to their account.

Facebook Comment – How to Comment

It doesn’t take much to comment on Facebook. You can comment on a picture video or a write-up post. Here are some easy steps to successfully comment on a Facebook post.

Using a Web Browser 

  1. Click the comment icon under the post that says write a comment.
  2. Type your comment.
  3. Press the enter key to publish your comment.

To Post a Photo on a Facebook Comments

  1. Go to the post and click camera on the right side of the text box.
  2. Choose the photo you want to attach.
  3. Press the enter key on your keyboard.

Facebook Comments on a video or photo

  1. Click on the comment box below the photo or video.
  2. Type your comment in the text box.
  3. Press the enter key on your keyboard.

With these steps, anyone who watches the video or not can view your comments.

With The Mobile App

  1. Tap comment to enter commenting mode.
  2. Type your comment and tap done.

Note sometimes commenting with pictures using Facebook mobile app might prove problematic. So a possible solution here is to add a picture when commenting on your text and post together.

Here is a list of comments that should help when commenting on a guy’s profile picture;

  1. Nice biceps, looking great brother.
  2. Looking damn handsome bro.
  3. Million-dollar pic bro.
  4. Good one.
  5. Wow, looking handsome buddy.

For Girls

  1. You look gorgeous.
  2. Million-dollar smile.
  3. You look so damn beautiful.
  4. Beauty overload.
  5. London bridge is falling all because of you.

These are just a couple of few comments I could put together. There are so much more. Just remember to be creative when commenting so as not to embarrass yourself or the person.