Where can I access the Facebook Code Generator for a lost or forgotten password? Do you know that you can make use of the code generator Facebook to reset your password? Probably not! In this article, you can find the easier steps required to access your code on your mobile app. Also, how you can use the code to reset your account password. However, code generator Facebook is a security setting that provides you with 6 unique digits to authenticate access to your Facebook account on a new web browser.

On the contrary, the Facebook Code Generator is effective for those that already set up two-factor authentication. In other words, Facebook Code Generator is mainly used by users with the two-factor authentication been set up on their account. In case you can’t receive SMS from Facebook, the Code Generator is another third-party authentication application where you can receive or get code to log in to your Facebook account. Hence, you can explore the page more, to find out how you can turn on the two-factor authentication so as to start using the Facebook Code Generator.

How to Access the Code On the App

Keep in mind, before you can decide to make use of the code generator or get the code generator, you need to have turned on the two-factor authentication. Moreover, one of the ways you can get your security code is through the Facebook Code Generator on the mobile app.

To get the code generator:

  • Open the Facebook app on your mobile phone.
  • Afterward, on the dashboard or feature icon, click the three-dashed menu.
  • Then you can scroll down to click on Security & Privacy.
  • Lastly, click Code Generator and you can see the 6-digits code.

Keep in mind, the duration of the code lasts for about 30 seconds, after that it expires. You can then generate another code once the previous one expires. Moreover, the time duration usually varies depending on the devices you make use of to generate the code.

How can I Use Code Generator to Reset Password?

First of all, when accessing your account, if you set up or turned on the two-factor authentication. There are actually two ways that you can get authorized to your account. One you need the normal login process, and the second is the security code you generate. Probably, your account is still logged into the mobile app but forget the password. Hence you can:

  • Simply, got to www.facebook.com on your web browser.
  • Click Forgotten password? If you don’t have the log in detail.
  • Then you can either use your email address to receive the code or enter a new phone number.

That way you will be able to receive the 6-digit code where you can use to recover your account. Also, keep in mind, you can as well use the code you generated from the Code Generator on the mobile app to reset your Facebook account password.