Facebook Business Page – Facebook Business Page Setup | Facebook Business Page Manager

Facebook Business Page – Facebook Business Page Setup | Facebook Business Page Manager: Facebook keeps on adding fantastic features to the already lovely Facebook platforms. Amongst these features is the Facebook Business Page. It is a functional business tool useful in Facebook’s online social media. Considering the fact that most Business nowadays takes place on the internet, Facebook has also thought it wise to provide not only social features to its numerous users but also business platforms. Hence the emergence of the Business Page.

Facebook Business Page - Facebook Business Page Setup | Facebook Business Page Manager

Users can use this platform to drive their businesses in the sense that they can manage their assets such as their ads accounts. Due to the fact that Facebook is very vast with millions of users, Facebook Business Page subscribers can easily track their ads placed on their page and as well invite agencies and partners that can help boost their business. This is the businesses section that helps the user to showcase their business on the social media platform.

Who is Facebook Business Page Meant for?

This platform is meant for everyone not because it’s called Facebook Business Page other users can also make use of it. All you need to have is a business be it a small scale, medium scale or a large scale business. The business Page is structured in such a way that you can keep your personal social page. It also opens your business page where you can put your business on the social edge.

It is like you are killing two birds with one stone. Since a good business maxim is never alternate Business with Pleasure. You are guaranteed not to have your business page not interfere with your personal account. As you can always manage the business page separately from your social account. Anyone who has a business that he or she wants to promote via social media can go ahead to create an account for himself or herself.

How to Create a Business Page

For users to have a platform that can help them manage Facebook ad accounts, Instagram pages, and all other forms of businesses on Facebook, such users must have a Facebook Business Account. Such as it is easy to create a personal Facebook account. It is also pretty easy to create a Facebook Business Page Here are the easy steps.

  1. Launch any internet web browser of your choice on your device.
  2. On the URL, type in business.facebook.com
  3. A popup page requesting you to provide your business name will appear.
  4. Enter your business name in the required section.
  5. Click the continue icon to proceed.
  6. A popup page requesting for the preferred name and email address you want for your business page will appear.
  7. Enter the name and email address and click on finish to complete the process.

A trusted person can be given roles to manage your business page. They can have access to your account and page. You in turn can always monitor this person from time to time. The Facebook Business manager is one very useful tool to help drive your business to a very great height.