In the past few days, Facebook has been improving on their networking strategy and has put up Facebook Business Advertising. Some of those strategies have drawn attention from a lot of businesses in the world. Adding to the fact that over 2billion people around the world use Facebook every month, businesses have to turn Facebook to a ground where they can advertise their contents to the prospective audience. One of the ways business is advertised is through the use of Facebook Ads. In this article, we will be talking majorly on Facebook Ads and how you can use it to achieve your goal in business. To boost business through Facebook advertising, the Facebook business page setup is requires and also the need for a Facebook business manager account is need to advertise your business on Facebook. with the help of the Facebook business manager app, you can manage your business on Facebook.

Facebook Business Advertising - Facebook Advertising for Small Business | Facebook Business Account

Facebook Business Advertising is a good strategy any beginner of a business should take. This becuse it enables them to target people in a niche with Facebook Ads. In addition to this, you can use Facebook business advertising tools to promote any content that you consider suitable for your business. Those tools include videos, photos, events, offers and links to website. It now depends on what you really want to market using Facebook business advertising technique.

Type of Facebook ADS – Facebook Business Advertising

  1. Ads for Clicks to website: This type of Facebook business advertising allows you to connect pages on your website to the Ads. When your audiences click on this advert they will be redirected to the page you linked it with.
  2. Apps connected Ads: This kind of Facebook business advertising is connected to your website mobile app. It allows the user to increase the number of people using his website mobile app. This is by placing Ads in the news feed of Facebook mobile users.
  3. Event reply Ads: this kind of advert allows you to expose your audience more and more to details about your upcoming event along with the responses you have gotten from people you invited.
  4. Offer claims Ads: people can be driven to online stores through these Ads. You can do this by placing this type of Ads in their news feeds and also in their right sidebar.
  5. Post engagement Ads: you can use this type of advert to increase the likes, shares and comments you receive on a Facebook page posts.
  6. Premium Ads: those who want guarantee that their Ads will be shown at the top of the news feed or the right side of the targeted audience, and those who want a large ad placement on the log out page, can use this Ads to achieve their goals. Premium Ads however, need to be purchased through an insertion order as CPM. This Ads is designed for large business who uses lager advertisers.
  7. Video views Ads: this Ads allow you to drive audience to view your videos. Facebook optimized this Ads in a way that only those who are likely going to view the videos will see the Ads across all devices.

Other types of Ads includes website transfer Ads which allows you to direct people from Facebook to a specific page in your website with the aim of turning them to sales, leads or subscribers.

Advertising on Facebook – Facebook Business Advertising

Before you can start advertising your business you will need to have a Facebook business page. Facebook business page gives you full access to Facebook business advertising. This is by allowing you to use the Ads manager to create ADS. The first thing to do is to specify your crusade objectives. The objectives of your crusade should be selected based on metrics. Thes are metrics that are important for your business and the goal of the Ads you are creating. You will be asked to pay for the Ads you create depending on the type of Ads you create. For example: conversion-oriented objectives allow you to pay per action while exposure objectives Ads will make you pay for impressions.

The next step is to select a target audience. The audience you are targeting can be people that are connected to your Facebook page or not. Once you have targeted your audience, you can then decide how much you will like to be spending on adverts. You can choose a daily or lifetime budget in this case. After this you can then add the schedule your Ads if you want or find a place where it will be permanently. Once all this things are done, you can then go ahead with creating your Ads. If creating a new Ads is what you prefer. First select the ad format you like, then enter the component of you Ads media and text. While doing this, ensure you follow the Facebook format for Ads image sizes.