Facebook Audience Network – How to Run Ads on Audience Network

Have you ever come across the word Audience Network while creating an ad on Facebook and you don’t know what it actually means? On the contrary, there are three major tools of adverting which includes the Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network which are both the great tool to generating potential customers for your products, services and also offer promotion in your store. Moreover, most marketers prefer using Facebook and Instagram only of ads whereby neglecting the Audience Network. Learn more about the Facebook Audience Network on this article.

Facebook Audience Network - How to Run Ads on Audience Network

The Facebook Audience Network is apparently one of the top three advertising tools on Facebook which enables advertisers to expand their product with Facebook and Instagram throughout various platforms on the internet onto thousands of high-quality websites and apps. Basically, Facebook has the largest amount of members, but you can also see people spending time on other websites and apps. With the Audience Network, you can easily reach out to audiences that are interested in your product on other platforms where they spend time most.

Facebook Audience Network – Benefits of Running Ads on Audience Network

On the contrary, ads on Facebook work pretty effective due to the fact that they’re relevant to people, very simple to create and measure for business. When the Audience Network comes in, it brings more powerful features to extend your ads om app and site beyond the number of people on Facebook.

  • It displays ads outside Facebook in other to connect with people that are interested or care about your product or services. 
  • Get results in real-time whereby it generates or drive better outcomes and help to boost your campaign performances.
  • The Audience Network shows ads across various devices which is displayed in different content such as video, display placement including in-stream video, interstitial, native and rewarded.
  • Using the feature automatically render the type of ad placement regardless of the type of placement whereby you don’t need to either create or upload new creative assets. 

In addition, probably your ad objective is installs or conversions, with the Facebook Audience network, it helps to improve your direct response to ad campaigns.

How to Run Ads on Audience Network

Moreover, the Audience Network currently supports ad objectives like brand awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, conversion, and product catalog sales. Keep in mind that, Audience Network can as be presented as a standalone placement through the use of in-stream videos.

  • Click Create Ad from the Ad Manager business page.
  • Then select one of the Audience Network eligible objectives listed above and go to your ad set.
  • At the Ad Set level, add your audience and targeting and click Edit Placements.
  • Then you can choose the type of devices from the provided option.
  • Click the drop-down on Audience Network to view all placement options.
  • Add your budget, schedule and ad creative

Once, you have completed the following instruction, you can finally click Confirm in Ads Manager to finalize the entire process. One thing you need to know is that over 1 billion people come across the Audience Network each month and among the top 500 free apps on Google play in the US monetize using the Facebook Audience network.