Facebook App Download – Facebook App for Android

The Facebook app for androids just like most social media apps makes keeping up with friends faster and easier than ever. Though these apps show more resemblance and share some basic features with the browser, these apps are way more sophisticated making them very interesting to engage in. with this Facebook app navigation can never be easier. Due to its simplicity and free-flowing nature, users have been more attracted and more active on the platform.

Facebook App - Facebook App for Android

There are several numerous Facebook apps that users can use to connect to their account, but I will talk about eleven of them but these are the most commonly used 3. As there are some strictly for messaging and voice calls only.

  • Facebook messenger app.
  • The official Facebook app.
  • Facebook lite.

Facebook lite

It is a faster version of the official Facebook app, with less data consumption rate. This app is good for users who dont want to spend much of their internet data on visiting facebook. This is a lite version so it doesn’t load much data that the Official Facebook app Loads.


Just like the official Facebook app, it has most of the features like access to Facebook pages and groups, commenting and so much more. It is one of the oldest Facebook apps available. It has a fast lite version and a pro separate app version which runs for $1.49.

Friendly for Facebook

It is one of the new Facebook app. This app has some interesting features like customization of your newsfeed, theming, that is making your wall more colorful and you can also download videos from Facebook. It also has a pro version which unlocks some other amazing features and goes for $1.99.


This is one of the new Facebook app. It is more like a web wrapper. Boasting some interesting features of its own like the ad-free experience, theming options, advanced notification, it even has fingerprint support and so much more.

Puffing for Facebook

This Facebook app is specially made for users with low-end devices on slower network connections. It features data compression that allows you to surf Facebook while using less data and also includes a tweaked UI (universal Interface) for more enjoyable browsing.

Simple for Facebook

It is a simple web wrapper for the Facebook mobile site. This app also contains all the basic features of the official Facebook app. Such features include uploading of photo or video, liking of post, commenting and so much more. It also supports the messenger app. The free version contains ads, while the full version can be purchased for $1.49 to get rid of them.

Swipe for Facebook

This is one of the most powerful Facebook app based on personal experience and reviews. It boasts of a wide range of features such as themes, ad blocker, material design, Facebook messenger support and support for over 30 languages. The free version has most of the basic features. The complete version cost $2.99.

Swift for Facebook lite

Just like the lite version, it boasts a low data consumption rate. It also has most of the Facebook and Facebook messenger features like tagging, interaction with posts, uploading of photos and videos and so much more.

Slim social

It is a new Facebook app that is widely known for its simple nature. It might also interest you to know that it shows no ads, though it might be slow most of the times.

How to Access and Download Facebook App for Android

Getting access to the various Facebook apps for android is easy and very simple as you can gain access to them and also download at Google play store. Google Play store is for users whos mobile OS is Andriond. For iOS users you need to visit App Store and make a quick search for the app. you can make use of the search bar to search for the app and get it instualled on your device.