Every business venture today needs advertising whether a small scale or a large scale business. It is a necessity if you want your business to grow. Facebook, as you may know, or may not know, is the largest internet-based social media networking platform today worldwide. It is a vast network with a whole lot of fun features. Facebook records millions of active users daily. With the latter being said and noted, you will agree with me that advertising on Facebook is the wise thing to do.

Facebook advertising is a big and growing business. As both small and large scale businesses and companies have already made use of the platform and are still making use of it. Facebook advertising helps companies promote their businesses. It might interest you to know that companies spent more than 9 billion USD on Facebook advertising in the second quarter of 2017 alone making it a very lively, useful and important feature of the ever-growing and vast Facebook community.

Why Advertise On Facebook

It might interest you to know that two-thirds of advertisers worldwide make use of the Facebook advertising platform. Do you know why? The reason cannot be far-fetched as Facebook is very vast and has a lot of active users on a day to day base. Facebook advertising helps advertisers target a particular audience and increase knowledge of their companies. Unlike pages, Facebook ads can be seen just by anyone. Facebook allows you to create a selected audience or a customized audience for your ads. So, therefore, you can target a specific audience based on what they are interested in.

Facebook ads is likely to generate increased knowledge of your company due to the exposure you get from using the Facebook advertising feature, this, therefore, resulting in more traffic for your website. You should also keep in mind that Facebook huge global audience combined with the ability to target your ads by demographics, location, interests and behaviors allows you to access the exact people who are most likely to want to buy your products or services.

Types of Facebook Advertising

We are going to take a look at the various types of Facebook advertising formats. Below are seven Facebook advertising formats to engage your business with.

  1. Facebook leads ads.
  2. Photo Facebook ads. When using this Facebook advertising format, I will advise you to keep your context very simple with fewer texts so as not to make the ad kind of boring.
  3. Facebook carousal ads.
  4. Video Facebook advertising. Video advertising could create a whole lot of traffic and massive engagement if done right.
  5. Facebook collection ads.
  6. Slideshow Facebook advertising. This is a type of video advertising created with still images. It also creates a massive engagement if done right.
  7. Facebook canvas ads.

How to Advertise On Facebook| Create an Ad

Creating an ad on Facebook is easy. Well, that is if you already have a Facebook business account, as you cannot create a Facebook ad without owning a Facebook business account. If you already have an account all you have to do is visit the official Facebook business page at www.facebook.com/business. Follow the steps below to create your ad on Facebook.

  1. Click on ‘create an ad’ tab which is next to the ‘create a page’ tab on the top right corner of the Facebook business page.
  2. This will take you to the Facebook advertising manager page, choose your campaign objective
  3. Target your audience. You can target by gender, location and so much more.
  4. Set your budget and schedule
  5. Create your Facebook ads

You should note that in creating a Facebook ad or when advertising on Facebook, effective targeting is key as it will make you get in touch with the proper audience it time.