Facebook Advertisement Group is a group you can create within Facebook for advertisement. There is no minimum number of people that can be added to this group. Whereby, you can choose what to be seen and what you do not want members outside of the group to see on Facebook. Facebook gives security of you protecting your content on the group.

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Before anybody can join your group, you can ask a question before they can be added to the group and no restriction to numbers of question you can ask members who are interested in joining your Facebook advertisement group. It’s good to ask question-related to types of people you want in your group. Because it is a group where all members share the same common interest and you can reach a targeted audience.

Feature of Facebook Advertisement Group

The Facebook advertisement group have its own feature that the group is base on, and these are:

Targeting on Facebook Advertisement Group

Facebook allows search by keywords and this point to groups that suit your advertising goals. At times, search filters may forbid result due to numbers of different reasons like age, sex, location, education level, and relationship status. Such detail allows more quality when you are targeting a particular customer, in other for you to avoid wasting ads on the wrong statistical data related to the population and particular groups within.


The best group should have ads that have a text file which has necessary information such as product description and price, a link to your business website or Facebook page. You can add Image, picture or video for more noticeable presentation. Making a copy written will tempt as many customers as possible.


Before you can post an ad on a Facebook group’s wall, you need to open the selected group, paste the copied ads into the comment and submit it. After doing that other member too can post their comments or questions once they see the ad and those who have interest can click the link to visit your business website, create a direct connection not found in print advertising.


Some groups have rules that forbid users from advertising and Facebook ensure to keep a tab on the group postings. Bombarding the groups with too much of ads in a short time attract consequence of account is suspended or getting removed. Network marketing online only give nod to posting to just three groups in quick succession and having five-minute interval before sharing your ad with another set of three groups.