Facebook Ads vs Google Ads – Is it Better to Advertise on Facebook than Google Ads

Which one of the platforms is better for advertising is Facebook ads vs Google ads? This has always been one of the debates based on which platform serves the most in terms of advertising products or brands. In terms of statistics and other relevant detail, I think Google ads are a little bit preferable than using Facebook ads. But without jumping into conclusion, you can learn more about the Facebook add vs Google ads. Recently, many advertisers see Facebook ads and Google AdWords as one of the most competitive or adversarial ways in the line of advertising.

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads - Is it Better to Advertise on Facebook than Google Ads

Furthermore, the two companies are the best platform in which you can advertise your products and brands. However, the rivalry between the two platforms has been going on for over some years now. But aside from the differences between the two companies, both platforms give businesses the right advertising tools to reach the right customer. As well as providing you want amazing insight tool to monitor the performance and growth of your business across various platforms.

What are Google Ads

On the contrary, Google Ads was formally known as Google AdWords and it’s presented as an online digital advertising platform which is owned by Google. The platform enables advertising to pay for advertising so as to showcase their products or brands. Thereby providing various services such as product listings, generate mobile application and more withing the Google ad network. Moreover, Google Ads is one of the main sources in which Google itself generates revenue. The services Google Ads offers users are actually based on PPC (pay-per-click) pricing model.

Features and Services

Google Ads is well-respected due to the powerful advertising tool it offers and also the services that come with it. However, we will give just a brief review of some of the features and services you can find in Google AdWords.

Keyword Planner:

This is one of the tools you can find on Google Ads, and this provides you with data based on the number of people that frequently search for such words.

Google Ads Editor:

This enables you to make bulk changes on your advertising campaign, and you can also download the program without any extra cost fee.

Google Ads Manager Account:

Also, without having to worry about how will I control different accounts. The platform allows you to control and manage multiple Google ads accounts from just one login portal as well as a dashboard.

What are Facebook Ads

On the contrary, Facebook ads are paid messages presented by advertisers or marketers of a particular business that are written based on your business service. So as to reach out to people that matter the most to their business. However, Facebook offers you tools in which you can use to create a campaign for your specific goals.

Features and Services

In terms of social media advertising, Facebook is the number one, but when it comes to digital marketing, you can say Google Ads is the number one. However, this is some of the feature and services Facebook use in connecting millions of business to the right people.

Advertising Objective:

This allows you to select what categories thus your business need improving, you can select from the provided objective such as App Installs, Video Views, Lead Generations, Brand Awareness, Traffic, and more.


After advertising, you can discover more actions about the way audiences interact with your ads. Also, you can see detail about your customers, based on consumer, behavior, measurement, and others.

Facebook Ads Manager:

Control and maintain a stable advertising placement with the use of the Facebook ads manager. In addition, one of the most powerful tools that you can link to the Facebook advertising platform is the business page you create on Facebook.