What can I do if my Facebook ads isn’t approved? Or perhaps you experience difficulty while approving your ads and later discover it not yet approval? For instance, your Facebook ads not approved or approved than disapproved. These particular issues indicate that your advertisement hasn’t met the requirement demands for advertising on Facebook. On the contrary, there an advertising policy confined to all advertisers on the platform to follow. Whenever your Facebook ads have not approved this means you haven’t met the advertising policies and other general policies that protect users on the platform.

Facebook Ads Not Approved - Facebook Ads Review

Running advertisements on Facebook letting people know about your business or products can be hard aching. Because based on the protection of customers or users, some certain things not required to advertise. For instance, you can’t advertise illegal drugs, alcohol, or other products that might lead to the discomfort of users. You can check out some of the reasons why your ads didn’t have the approval or disapproved from publishing

What can I do if my Ad isn’t approved?

Why my Facebook ads not approved and what can I do? Should in case you have a feeling to this question then you should continue reading. First and foremost, before the disapproval of your Facebook ads. After you must have created and placed your order, your ads will be placed in a section called the Facebook in ad review”. This is the section where Facebook screen your adverts before been publish and if the ad doesn’t meet the advertising policies that your ad will be disapproved.

Therefore, Facebook will send you a message to your notification board with a reason Facebook why your ads disapproved. Then you can use the reason to your own advantage by making corrections or editing your Facebook ads again. Afterward, you can save your change and then resubmit it again for it not to be reviewed.

Addition Way to Get you Adverts Approved on Facebook

Perhaps, your adverts weren’t approved and you found out that it’s was a mistake made by Facebook to have disapproved of your adverts. Also, this implies to advertisers which have already gotten their ad approved and then later find out it disapproved. The best thing you can do is to appeal your disapproved ad.

Maybe you feel editing isn’t the best solution to your case. You can appeal the decision that your adverts were disapproved by mistake based on Facebook advertising policies. You can visit the link www.facebook.com/help/contact/1582364792025146 and follow the instruction to request a review of your Facebook ads.