Facebook Ads Blog – Get Traffic to Your Blog from Facebook
Have you heard about the wonder of Facebook ads blogs? Then you will find a least one mention of them on very marketing that you come across. But what you may not find is a guild on how to correctly promote your blog with Facebook ads. Can you see that the Facebook ads are that fantastic way to promote your blog and gain new readers?

Facebook Ads Blog - Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Blog

But the truth is that most bloggers are not aware of the steps needed to convert cold traffic into valuable readers. When you are feeling lost don’t worry. On this article, I will try to as much as possible you can promote Facebook ads for your blog, and how you can possibly do it correctly. But first, you need a Facebook page to run it.

Use Facebook Ads to Promote your Blog – Facebook Ads Blog

The Facebook page can be extremely helpful to promote your blog. If you have not, then go ahead to create the Facebook page, and once you have created your page, then is now time to log into your Facebook ad manager and to start creating your ad.to create a Facebook page follow this tip below

  • Go to facebook.com/pages/create.
  • Click on it to choose a page type.
  • Then fill up the required information.
  •  After that, Click on continue and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note that anyone can create a page, but only official representative can create a page for an organization, business, brand or public figure. Let move on to the next step on ways to promote your blog using Facebook ads. Choose an objective when creating a Facebook ad, it is important that you use proven formatting techniques to maximize your metrics before I will go deeper, let start from the beginning.

To create your Facebook ad, go to the Facebook ad manager and click on the create ad button. And once you click the button, you will be presented with a ton of different ad campaign goals. On this article, I am just going to stick on the traffic goal. I know that some may argue that Facebook boost post option is better for promoting single blog posts.

Please don’t get me wrong on these. Boosted posts are a greater way to promote your blog on the fly. The traffic objective you see, allow you to have much control over your ad spend, targeting option and copy. Once you set your goal, name your campaign and you be ready to set your budget and targeting option.

Set Your Budget and Targeting Options

Setting the budget for your Facebook ads will only determine whether you come out broke or great ROI, so it is very important that you do it right.

Write the Ad Copy

When trying to drive cold traffic to your blog telling your potential readers, to check out of your new blog post.

Choose a Featured Image

When you are creating your ad it is very important that you are using images that will capture your audience attention. This means that using a dark color and the bland image is not a good idea. Going to see after your feature image and This make it the perfect place. To draw in users and earn their click.

Write a Headline

The headline of your ad is the very next thing that potential readers are going to see after your feature image. This makes it the perfect place to draw in users and earn their click. Writing the headline for your Facebook ads is exactly like writing a little for your blog post. It should be short, catchy, and including some relevant keywords from your blog post.

  • Use a short quote from your blog
  • Host contests on your blog and website
  • Embed short blog video
  • Share other people blog content
  • Include a blog tab to drive Facebook traffics
  • Use Facebook Ads
  • Skip the link
  • Ask questions

And after your post is published be sure to keep a watchful eye over metrics. And try your best to analyze what working with the advertisement and what is not.