Facebook Ad Targeting – Ad Targeting Options | Targeting Audience

What is Facebook ad targeting is all about? Guys let check this out. Talking about the Facebook ad targeting is as an advertising objective that allows you to target people specifically interested in a subject related to your product. Do you know that you can target people that are interested in the competitor or do you know that they are two ways to target Facebook group with your Facebook ads? Then I’m just going to come to that aspect. But before I do that, let talk about it a little. Like on how to target groups with the Facebook group’s ads this will sound so bad for you but I just have to tell you.

Facebook Ad Targeting - Ad Targeting Options | Targeting Audience

To target group with a Facebook ad, it may be impossible to do, it simply not an option that Facebook provides. You can only target people who like certain pages and have a particular interest, so they never been a direct way to target other Facebook groups with a Facebook ad. But the good news for you now is that, I have a secret workaround for how you can be able to target groups with your Facebook ad.so here are some of the tricks for how you can target Facebook groups with your Facebook ad.

Way to target Facebook Group – Facebook Ad Targeting

Like what I said before, it has not been easy to target Facebook group with your Facebook ad targeting but I have to risk it to bring something good out for you. And I play that this should works for you this are some of the tricks below.

  • The first thing you are going to do is to post a video either Facebook live or prerecorded that will be good.
  • Then once you have posted the video to your Facebook business page, what you needed to do is to go and immediately hide it from your page timeline. The source of the video is going to be your Facebook business page. But I know that you will not want it to actually be visible through your business page itself. I will get to that letter.
  • Now you posted the video onto your business page as the business page and hiding it from your business page feed, now you need to go to that video post that you have made on your business page and then share that post into the specific groups that you like to target. I want you to know that you need to share the video as your personal profile since the business pages cannot post inside the groups. Then from here, you are going to let the view pile up for this particular post that you have shared into specific group or groups.in order for this strategy to work,[ you want as many people as possible in the group seeing your video] increase adjustment and reach on your post, by responding to comments, asking questions, and so on. This will boost the view within the group and also, therefore, increase the audience then you will be able to reach the step four.
  • On this very step, you are going to create a custom audience in your ads manager of the people who really watch the video. If the only place the video is publicly available is in the Facebook group that you share it in. then voila you are now essentially now be able to build a custom audience of people that are members of certain Facebook groups. And in order to do this, open ads manager then navigate to audiences and create a custom audience based on video engagement and now choose the specific videos that you share in targeted groups.

Way to improve Facebook ads with ad targeting

Hmm, are you really aware of the entire targeting options Facebook offers? The Facebook has offered so many ways to target potential customers with Facebook Ad Targeting, and they are right advertising option for every business in this article you will find some of the ways Facebook Ad Targeting specific audiences with the Facebook ad.

  • Know your customer’s interest. On Facebook, you can target people who have shown an interest in or like pages related to other page or topic. There are thousands of interests to target and they are just located in the interest section of your ad set settings and all you need to do is to type anything into the search box and Facebook will suggest matching or related interest.
  • Seek out for people in the market for what you sell.
  • Target people by industry or occupation.
  • Promote to people base on homeownership status.
  • Reach out to parents.

These are the few ways to improve Facebook ads with ad target and I also believe, this will help you in a long way to grow your business thanks for your patience.