Facebook Ad Space – Facebook Ad Strategies | Facebook Ad Placement

Hello, guy, have you heard of this word before Facebook ad space? Do you know want it means by Facebook ad space? The Facebook ad spaces help you to organize ad placement in a way that accurately reflects what any person is doing when they see an ad in your app.

Facebook Ad Space - Facebook Ad Strategies | Facebook Ad Placement

However, before creating an ad placement you needed to create an ad space first. You can create as much to 4 ad spaces per platform. Also, before leaving you with this article, there are several things that I will like to leave you with.

Way to create Facebook ad space using monetization manager

There are several ways to create a Facebook ad space. But before creating the Facebook ad space there are carting areas, I will like you to look into. Before making plans to create the Facebook ad space be assure you certify users of Facebook. Or simply visit your web browser or Google play store to search for facebook.com to sign up to Facebook before following this step below:

  • Go to the monetization manager.
  • Then search for your property in the bar using your property id or property name.
  • Then click manage the property you wanted to create an ad for.
  • Then select the platform for where you want to create an ad space.
  • When your platform exits go on and give your ad space an easy to identify the name, such as notification for ad placements that show in the notification screen.
  • After that ad a video and description of when your ad would be triggered.

Now that you finish knowing the way to create the Facebook space, you can also from here create your ad placement by clicking on the dotted box by the right to create placement. Note that the placement can only be used by one ad space and needs to march the same platform as the ad space.

Ways to update Facebook ad space comply with restrictions.

To update the Facebook ad space complies with restriction is not too as hard. When you have more than 4 ad spaces per platform, you just need to update your ad space to comply with the restriction. There are some steps down below.

  • You have to group placement into ad spaces.
  • every platform that has not more than 4 space.
  • After that, then check on your placement match your ad space platform and then move them to correct ad spaces if don’t, then split and organize your Android and IOS platform.
  • You need to check that ad spaces need to a platform. You adding ad space without platforms it means that your bundles or domains won’t be visible in all the platforms section of the performance page.

To Check if you Have More than 4 Ad per Platform

  • To check, go to monetization manager.
  • Under the properties, click on the name of the property that you want to view.
  • And underperformance breakdown from your property, click on the space tab and to check on.
  • Each platform that has no more than 4 ad spaces within it.

To Archive or Move, Facebook Ad Space

  • click on the property that you what to update.
  • click on the dotted box that is next to the ad space you want to delete.
  • In under to archive or to move more than one placement from the ad space, then click on the checkbox that is next to each placement or clicks on the checkbox at the top of the table to make select all. Now you can now move the selected placement to another ad space or to archive them.
  • And once the placements have been moved or achieved, then you can how to click on the property name at the top left hand, click the three dots that are next to the ad space and delete it.

Continue to repeat for each of the platforms until you have a maximum of 4 ad spaces per platform. And I know that this step will help you a long way to land you into different things you need to know.