Facebook Ad in Review – Review Facebook Ads

Most times when you publish you advertise on Facebook some might receive disapproval from been published. While others might be giving the freedom to be published. Moreover, the main reason why ads are not approved. Because of the lack of confidential details as well as going against the advertising policy. Therefore, the Facebook ad in review considered as a checkup or assessment of your advertising placement. Or campaign to check for any error in other to institute change if necessary.

Facebook Ad in Review -  Review Facebook Ads

However, before publishing or approving your advert to various platforms of Facebook, two major Facebook ad in review required. The first review requires advertisers to check that the information provided corrects before ordering. Second as to do with Facebook which reviews your ads to check. Whether if it goes against the advertising policy or not before approval. In the meantime, the Facebook ad means ensuring that the information provided meets the required advertising polices.

How to Review Advertising Campaign Before Ordering

First and foremost, the Facebook ad in review allows you to check detail that you provide on the following ad structure such as Ad account, Ad Set, and Ad. Before confirming your advertisement as well as you can also review them later in Ads Manager. This review sometimes helps you to correct all your mistakes. Because some cases whereby ads disapproved due to mistakes made by advertisers. However, the reviewing process doesn’t take long except the one been reviewed by Facebook.

Therefore, for self-review of the Facebook ads, you can access www.facebook.com/ads/manager. Then after completing your details i.e. provided the requirement of the advertising structure. Afterward, you can then click the White icon indicating “Review” at the bottom of the Page. There you can review all your works before confirming or placing an order for your ads.

How to Find out why Facebook Ad not Approved

However, this particular aspect as to do with the Facebook ad in review. It takes 24 hours for Facebook to review your ads and sometimes more than that. Whenever Facebook review your adverts and then find out that your ad didn’t go with advertising policies but went against it. Then it will send you a notification saying “your ads not approved. On ads manager notification icon or your email address provided

Typically, one major reason for ad disapproval is if your advertising campaign goes against the advertising policies. Then you can edit then again to meet the requirement by clicking Review at the top of the editing pane on ads manager. That is another major function of the Facebook ad in review