Account has different possible meanings; it can be used in extensive business words or non-commercial situations. Facebook account setup allows you to connect with approximately 1’5 billion users who are currently signed up. If you are new to Facebook then you need to carry out the Facebook account setup process.

Facebook Account Setup - Setup Your Facebook Account

Facebook Account set up is a secure and convenient means which allow users to connect with their Facebook account either business or personal. However, it’s a great place for sharing your interest and personal data; it allows you to access messages from friends and view pictures from the newsfeed.

Note: you’ve to set up a Facebook account before you could gain access to view pictures and send messages on Facebook either by app or by mobile. Facebook account setup is not just about the sign up process users has to upload useful information and data such as a photo in other to setup their profile.

How to Setup Facebook Account

Facebook account setup is perfectly done on your free time and leisure, however, its very simple and easy to setup your Facebook account and you must be at least 13 years to own a Facebook account, this is the information you need to provide to open a Facebook account,

  • First name and Last name.
  • Phone number or Email.
  • A strong and excellent password you will remember when logging on your account.
  • Date of birth and gender.
  • After completing all this required information simply click on create an account.

Note: after clicking on create an account you have to confirm your Facebook account via email or phone number. This is more like a verification process for every user who signs up for an account.

Facebook Account Setup of Your Profile

First of all, Your Facebook needs some peculiar set up which allows old and new friends to connect with you to for easy identification. Once you have created your account it is best that you follow the Facebook account setup process.

  • Choose a profile picture for your Facebook account so everybody can recognize you and you could reach more people,
  • Your high school, college and where you work this helps with a school reunion.
  • Search for friends, colleagues, old friends, etc.
  • You can decide who can have access to your profile and who will not, Facebook account set up requires and have access to all data as soon as you create an account.
  • Find friends via email. Find out who has a profile on Facebook by entering their email addresses

If you’re having a problem on setting up your Facebook account, cross-check your above personal details especially your phone number or email if not linked with some other Facebook account and your password must meet with the Facebook standards. If this problem continues you might have to contact Facebook help.