Facebook Account Settings –  How to Access Account Settings
Facebook is one of the top social media in the world. It is required that every user who is on this platform must have a Facebook account and this can be done by completing the Facebook sign up process. Which will give a user access to the vast network of Facebook features.

Facebook Account Settings - General Account Settings

Without you owning an account on Facebook you won’t be able to gain access to all these features on Facebook which includes sharing of photos, like a user’s content or even access your own personal info. As a user who wants to be on this platform you will need to create an account which is open to all users. Creating a Facebook account is a onetime process as users can always update their personal information in Facebook account settings.

This is one thing users have always found difficult and most times they end up creating another account which is actually wrong when your account info can be edited in Facebook account settings. Users who want to edit their account info in order to make changes should visit Facebook account settings but take note that you need to log in to your account to visit your account settings.

What’s on Facebook account settings

Facebook account settings holds the user’s personal information including the email address on your account. When you visit your account settings option there are seven major contents that users can edit, these are what makes up the users account, such as

  1. Names.
  2. Username.
  3. Contacts.
  4. Network.
  5. Temperature.
  6. Manage account.

If the user decides to change his or her name, he can easily change it in the account settings section. Same goes for username and contact. They can always be edited anytime the user goes into his account settings section. One important setting on this page is the “manage my account” section. Where users can choose a legacy contact and probably decides what happens to their account after they pass away. A user can also deactivate his account if he doesn’t want to be on the social media platform anymore. This makes Facebook account very easy to manage and at the same time very important as it holds all the users account information.

How to Access Facebook Account Settings

If you have been looking out for Facebook account settings. It is located at the top right section with the icon facing down. Once you click on this icon you will see a drop-down menu, click on settings that automatically takes you to account settings. This is for users who are making use of a web browser. On Facebook mobile app click on the icon in the top right section next to notifications. On the displayed list you will get to see the Facebook account setting option.