Many people wake up every morning or most of the mornings to the damning situation and reality of Facebook account disabled. Thereby leading to some users asking the reasons for their Facebook accounts being disabled. You will be notified of a disabled message which says ‘your account has been disabled. If you have any questions or concerns you can visit our FAQ page here.’ When trying to log into your Facebook account. Only then you will know your account has been disabled.

Facebook Account Disabled - How to Reopen Disabled Facebook Account

You might be violating Facebook community rules or even your country’s local browsing rules. Facebook may disable accounts due to some irregular activities other than violating the Facebook community rules and guidelines. These activities may result from account hack or unauthorized access to a user’s Facebook account. Facebook account disabled triggering maybe sometimes for the essence of security. Like I earlier said about hacking. It may stop the hacker access to personal, private and to some very vital info on your account.

Reasons for Facebook Account Disabled

There are plenty of reasons why a person might be experiencing Facebook account disabled. These reasons may vary but here are a little few I have put together because you may be experiencing account disabled due to one of them below. As users can no longer make full use of some of the function once their account is disabled.

  1. Using a fake name.
  2. Impersonating someone.
  3. Contacting other people for the sole purpose of harassing them, promoting, advertising, dating or other conducts that are not allowed on the Facebook platform.
  4. Posting contents that do not follow the Facebook terms like porn.
  5. Adding too many friends quickly, getting a warning and ignoring it.
  6. Spamming and so much more.

It is important for you to know that if you are experiencing or you are a victim of account disabled. You will be notified of a disabled message when trying to log in to your Facebook account. But in case you do not see a disabled message when trying to log in. You just might be experiencing other Facebook troubleshooting problems like a log in issue.

How to Recover A Disabled Facebook Account

After seeing the Facebook account disabled notification or message. Some users may just quit that account and open another account to save them a whole lot of trouble. All you need to do in order to reactivate your disabled account is to send an email to inquiring about the reason that they disabled your account and willingness to remove the violating content or stop the violating conduct in order to reactivate your account.