Facebook Accessibility – How do I Get Accessibility on Facebook

On the contrary, the motor or objective of the Facebook social networking site is to offer people the ability to make the world a better place to connect, share, and open mindlessly. Every day over 1.3 billion people photos are uploaded across the fakebook’s family of apps and you can now imagine if you can’t find them or see them. Facebook Accessibility is one of the Facebook products which is designed or accessible to people with disabilities like vision loss or deafness in other to get the most out of Facebook.

Facebook Accessibility - How do I Get Accessibility on Facebook

However, the platform is committed to creating a better place and a great experience for people especially with disabilities with amazing features and technologies to help people enjoy Facebook through Facebook Accessibility. For instance, the feature is enhanced with a “Screen reader which is typically integrated for blind people to navigate site and application. The screen readers are regarded as a sophisticated app mainly use to read out content on the screen which also enables users to interact with features such as buttons, links and other features on the page.

Facebook Accessibility – Overview of the Automatic Alternative Text

In case you are wondering the Facebook, Accessibility can also be regarded as Automatic alternative text which is a new feature that read out the description of a phot through the process of faces or objects recognition technology for blind people.  Basically, due to the fact that people who are partially or completely blind can’t read but only hear the name of the people that post the content. Now with the use of the screen reader on the iOS devices, visually impaired people can now hear a rich description of uploaded images due to the automatic alternative test.

The main reason for this Facebook Accessibility is that over more than 39 million people are blind and estimated number of 246 million people suffer visual impairment. With the use of technology, people can tap into the current capabilities to figure out the image on the page or group without seeing. That way, you can who are visually impaired can benefit and enjoy the privilege of being on Facebook.

Facebook Accessibility – How to Use a Navigation Assistant

The reason for the navigation assistant is to help that rely on the screen reader or keyboard to view through the Facebook contents. Note this is actually possible on iOS devices, computer and Android devices with a screen-reader and to navigate assistant which should always be the first element on the page. Press alt+I form any part of the Facebook or you can actually click Tab to moves the focus from your browser toolbar. However, in other to get more info or follow the Facebook accessibility, you can access their page on Facebook or @fbaccess on Twitter.

Facebook Accessibility – Types of Screen Reader to Use for Facebook Accessibility

Just as I mention you need a screen-reader and here is the following screen reader to use on various devices.


  • With MacOS computer devices use Apple’s built-in screen reader VoiceOver
  •  For people using OS X EL Capitan and you don’t hear anything while using VoiceOver with Google Chrome, switch to another browser (example: Safari).
  • For Windows, computers use Job Access With Speech (JAWS) or NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA).

Mobile Devices

  • If you’re on a mobile phone or tablet makes use of the following
  • Facebook for iOS with VoiceOver
  • Facebook for Android with TalkBack

Once, you have integrated the following screen reader to your devices, you can open it to open a conversation setting with Facebook.