Email Contact List Outlook – How to Create Email Contact List In Outlook

Email Contact List Outlook – Manage Contact Lists in Outlook
Email contacts contact list outlook is very important to Outlook users. As the outlook email contacts aid the normal functioning of the program. The Email Contact List Outlook is part of the things that made the outlook program good for work. Contact list in outlook is very important to the program because of the important things that you can use the program’s contacts to perform. Some of these functions are; exporting the contacts to other program, grouping contacts, and also for sending messages to a large number of people which is only possible on outlook.

Apart from using the outlook program to perform these listed functions. You can also perform so many other interesting things with outlook program, and most of these performed duties are very important and very spectacular to the outlook program because, they all play an important role in making the program one of the best and most used program among all other programs that performs similar functions to the outlook program.

How to Create Email Contact List Outlook

Creating email contacts list outlook is very important to the program because, the program require contacts to function very well and better. Steps to create Email Contact List Outlook are listed below:

  • First you need to open the outlook program. To open the outlook  program you must have the Microsoft office program in your system because it is through the Microsoft office that you can access the outlook program.  so first open the outlook program.
  • On the navigation bar, click  the people icon.
  • Select the folder you would like to save the contact group to under my contacts.
  • Select the new contacts group on the ribbon.
  • Give the contact group any name you want to give it.

And that is how you create an email contact list outlook. That was not so hard to do, was it. After programs contacts, if you want to add contacts to the contact list, it is very simple to do and it can be done in two ways, either by importing contacts or by adding .

How to Add Contacts to Outlook after Creating the Group

After creating the group, you can go further to add contacts by clicking the add member icon and then you can start adding from your address book or from your contact list. And that is how you add contacts to outlook.