Ecosia App – How to Download the Ecosia App

Have you heard about the search engine app that plants trees? The Ecosia app makes use of ad revenue from the searches you have made to plant trees where they are needed the most. As we all know that when you plant trees you can fight climate change. Also, you protect wildlife, restore landscapes, and help people by providing them with nutrition, education, and employment. This app has helped to create healthier, happier, and even more stable communities economically. Ecosia owns and maintains its solar plant, which uses 100% renewable energy to power your searches. Each search removes roughly 1 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere owing to the amazing trees we plant.

Its mission is to make the world a greener and better place for everyone, not to generate profit gains. That’s why they have made a lawful promise to ensure that the company never makes a profit. The Ecosia app browser is based on chromium which makes it fast and secure. You get an intuitive browsing experience for everything you need from tabs, downloads, private mode, history, and bookmarks. Ecosia is a search engine similar to Google. But with one major difference: we use ad money to plant trees in areas where nature and people are in serious need. Millions of trees have already been planted by the Ecosia community. The countries include Ethiopia, Brazil, Indonesia, Spain, and many other wildlife areas.

Ecosia App

This means that the Ecosia app can only be downloaded on your android device. The download for the android device is free. All you have to do is visit your Google play store. Then search for the app then you download it on your mobile device. Through the app, you can get tons of information about the planting of trees and so on.

App Ecosia

Nevertheless, the app allows you to search and browse the web with private browsing, blocking features, mode, and so on. The Ecosia app is also very safe to use as all you are working on is legit. Meanwhile, the app is mainly to know more about the search engine that plants trees. Meanwhile, the app can be downloaded on your android and IOS devices respectively.                                                                                                             

Ecosia App Download

Users can download the app on their android devices and that is through the Google play store. Nonetheless, users can also download it on their IOS device is through the app store. All you have to do is visit the stores on each device and search for the Ecosia app then click on the download icon.  The app will immediately start downloading on your mobile devices.

Ecosia App for Desktop

Aside from downloading the app on your android and IOS device, you can also download the app on your desktop. Once the app is downloaded on your pc through the Bluestacks you can now make use of the search engine so that they can plant trees where they are needed the most. to start making use of the Ecosia app you open safari then you move to preferences and search for the app in the dropdown menu. Then your searches will now.